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A larger format makes definitions and significant occurences of words even easier to find in this classic lexicon. It is also numbered to Strong's, allowing even those who don't know Greek to use it. For over a century, Thayer's has been lauded as one of the best New Testament lexicons available.

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L 17, iz. All rights reserved. Philologica " of C. Wilke second edition,. Wilibald Grimm of Jena. In his Prospectus Professor Grimm announced it as his purpose not only in accordance with the improvements in classical lexicography embodied in the Paris edition of Stephen's Thesaurus and in the fifth edition of Passow's Dictionary edited by Rost and his coadjutors to exhibit the historical growth of a word's significations and accordingly in selecting his vouchers for New Testament usage to show at what time and in what class of writers a given word became current, but also duly.

He devoted more than seven years to his task. The successive Parts of his work received, as they appeared, the outspoken commendation of scholars diverging as widely in their views as Hupfeld and Hengstenberg ; and since its. An arrangement was early made with Professor Grimm and his publisher to reproduce.

The work of translating was promptly begun ; but it was protracted by engrossing professional duties, and in particular by the necessity — as it seemed — of preparing the authorized translation of Liinemann's edition of Winer's New Testament Grammar, which was followed by a translation of the New Testament Grammar of Alexander Buttmann. Meantime a new edition of Professor Grimm's work was called for.. To the typographical accuracy of this edition liberal contributions were made from this side the water.

It appeared in its completed form in It ought to be regarded by every student as one of the first and most necessary requisites for the study of the New Testament, and consequently for the study of Theology in general. Both Professor Grimm and his publisher courteously gave me permission to make such changes in his work as might in my judgment the better adapt it to the needs of English-.

But the emphatic commendation it called out from all quarters, in a strain similar to the specimens just given, determined me to dismiss the thought of issuing. This decision has occasionally imposed on me some reserve and entailed some embarrassments. But notwithstanding all minor draw- backs the procedure will, I am sure, commend itself in the end, not only on the score of.

Some of the leading objects with the editor in his work of revision were stated in. McClintock and Strong, the completed Riehm, the new Herzog, etc. Respecting a few of these specifications an additional remark or two may be in place :. One of the most prominent and persistent embarrassments encountered by the New Testament lexicographer is occasioned by the diversity of readings in the current editions of the Greek text.

In the absence of an acknowledged consensus of scholars in favor of any one of the extant printed texts to the exclusion of its rivals, it is incumbent on any Lexicon which aspires after general currency to reckon alike with them all. Professor Grimm originally took account of the text of the ' Receptus ', together with that of Griesbach, of Lachmann, and of Tischendorf.

In his second edition, he made occasional reference also to the readings of Tregelles. In the present work not only have the textual statements of Grimm's second edition undergone thorough revision see, for example, " Griesbach " in the list of " Explanations and Abbrevia- tions " , but the readings whether in the text or the margin of the editions of Tregelles and of Westcott and Hort have also been carefully noted.

Again : the frequent reference, in the discussion of synonymous terms, to the distinctions holding in classic usage as they are laid down by Schmidt in his voluminous work must not be regarded as designed to modify the definitions given in the severaJ articles. On the contrary, the exposition of classic usage is often intended merely to serve as a standard of comparison by which the direction and degree of a word's change in meaning can be measured. When so employed, the information given will often start suggestions alike interesting and instructive.

On points of etymology the statements of Professor Grimm have been allowed to stand, although, in form at least, they often fail to accord with modern philological methods. But they have been supplemented by references to the works of Curtius and Pick, or even more frequently, perhaps, to the Etymological Dictiouary of Vanicek, as the most compendious digest of the views of specialists.

The meaning of radical words and of the component parts of compounds is added, except when it is indubitably suggested by the derivative, or when such words may be found in their proper place in the Lexicon. The nature and use of the New Testament writings require that the lexicographer should not be hampered by a too rigid adherence to the rules of scientific lexicography.

A student often wants to know not so much the inherent meaning of a word as the particular sense it. In such a case he is compelled to assume, at least to some extent, the functions of the exegete, although he can and should refrain from rehearsing the general arguments which support the interpretation adopted, as well as from arraying the objections to opposing interpretations. Professor Grimm, in his Preface, with reason calls attention to the Kabor he has expended upon the explanation of doctrinal terms, while yet guarding himself against encroaching upon the province of the dogmatic theologian.

In this particular the editor has endeavored to enter into his labors. On the. Convenience often prescribes that the archaeological or historical facts requisite to the understanding of a passage be given the student on the spot, even though he be referred for fuller information to the works specially devoted to such topics. In this particular, too, the editor has been guided by the example of his predecessor ; yet with the constant exercise of self-restraint lest the book be encumbered with unnecessary material, and be robbed of that succinctness which is one of the distinctive excellences of the original.

In making his supplementary references and remarks the editor has been governed at different times by different considerations, corresponding to the different classes for whose use the Lexicon is designed.

Primarily, indeed, it is intended to satisfy the needs and to guide the researches of the average student; although the specialist will often find it. Accordingly, a caveat must be entered against the hasty inference that the mention of a different interpretation from that given by Professor Grimm always and of necessity implies dissent from him. It may be intended merely to inform the student that the meaning of the passage is still in debate. And the particular works selected for reference have been chosen — now because they seem best suited to supplement the statements or references of the origi- nal ;now because they furnish the most copious references to other discussions of the same topic now because they are familiar works or those to which a student can readily get access ;.

It is in deference, also, to the wants of the ordinary student that the references to grammatical works — particularly Winer and Buttmann — have been greatly multiplied. The expert can easily train his eye to run over them ; and yet even for him they may have their use, not only as giving him the opinion of eminent philologists on a passage in question, but also as continually recalling his attention to those philological considerations on which the decision of exegetical questions must mainly rest.

Moreover, in the case of a literature so limited in compass as the Kew Testament, it. He will accordingly find. The other portions of the Appendix will furnish students interested in the history of the New Testament vocabulary, or investigating questions — whether of criticism, authorship, or biblical theology — which involve its word-lists, with fuller and more trustworthy collections than can be found elsewhere.

Should I attempt, in conclusion, to record the names of all those who during the many years in which this work has been preparing have encouraged or assisted me by word or pen, by counsel or book, the list would be a long one. Express acknowledgments, however, must be made to George B. Jewett, D. Eaton now of Middlebury College, Vermont. To these names one other would be added were it longer written on earth. Had the lamented Dr. Abbot been spared to make good his generous offer to read the final proofs, every user of the book would doubtless have had occasion to thank him.

To Dr. No one can have a keener sense than the editor has of the shortcomings of the present volume. But he is convinced that whatever supersedes it must be the joint product of several. Meantime, may the present work so approve itself. Cahbbidge, Massachusetts. In issuing this " Corrected Edition " opportunity has been taken not only to revise the supplementary pages sq. The Third edition of Grimm, however, has yielded little new material and Dr.

Hatch's ;. To the correspondents, both in England and this country, who have called my attention to errata, I beg to express my thanks and I would earnestly ask all who use the book to send ;. April 10, Achilles Tatius ? Aretaeus 80? Acts of Paul and Thecla, of Pilate, of Aristaenetus ? Aelius Aeliax c. Athenaeus, the grammarian. Alexander Aphrodisiensis. Ammianus Marcellinus Barnabas, Epistle written Appian Capitolinus, Juli us one of the " Hist.

Appuleius August, scriptores sex " Cebes I. Kurz, Arist. Archytas c. Heimbach, 6 vols. AwciEKT Authors. Atticae Chrysostom, John, Bp. Hieronymus, see Jerome. Commentaries t43 Ennius tl69 Homer ? Enoch, Book of 2d cent, on Horapollo, grammarian. Jeremiah, Ep. Jerome Sophronius? Eusebins Hie- Etymologicum Magnum ? Justin Martyr Callef' Pamphill as friend of the martyr Pamphilos. Lampkidi us, the historian.

Lko ' Philosophus ', emperor LuciLius, theRoman satirist. Maccabees, First Book of. Philo 39 Maccabees, Fourth Book of Philodemus 50 Machon Philostratus. Pseudo-Phocylides in the Sibyl. Manasses, Prayer of 1st cent. Pollux, author of the hvoiiaariKov.

Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon

In order to utilize all of the features of this web site, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. As the culmination of nearly three decades of work, it contains more than 5, entries, references to hundreds of grammatical and exegetical works, detailed etymology, and complete summaries of both biblical and extra-biblical word usage. After numerous revisions by both Wilke and his successor, C. Wilibald Grimm, Joseph Henry Thayer took over the project. Thayer devoted nearly thirty years to the translation—making thousands of revisions based on the latest Greek scholarship. Joseph Henry Thayer was born in in Boston.

Thayer's Greek–English Lexicon of the New Testament

Schaff and others say it was on the west bank, for the writer was on the east of Jordan. Features of this dictionary. Your donation pays only for dedicated server hosting, bandwidth, software licenses, and capital equipment scanners, OCR equipment, etc.

This is the market expectation among both students and scholars. The Lexicon is Greek into English only, as are other ancient Greek dictionaries. Publication date Topics PDF download.

The credit and sentences are simple to comprehend and readers acquire essential things comfortably. Readers may be interested not quite the credit after reading the first page. It seems that they cant wait to gate the bordering page and finish all the pages immediately. The writer built the characters strongly. Each of the characters is startling along behind unique characteristics.

greek english bible dictionary pdf

You may download this ebook, i provide downloads as a pdf, kindle, word, txt, ppt, rar and go.

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Cerca in Tutto Titolo Autore. Dispositivi supportati. Wilke second edition, 2 vols. Wilibald Grimm of Jena. In his Prospectus Professor Grimm announced it as his purpose not only in accordance with the improvements in classical lexicography embodied in the Paris edition of Stephens Thesaurus and in the fifth edition of Passow's Dictionary edited by Rost and his coadjutors to exhibit the historical growth of a words significations and accordingly in selecting his vouchers for New Testament usage to show at what time and in what class of writers a given word became current, but also duly to notice the usage of the Septuagint and of the Old Testament Apocrypha, and especially to produce a Lexicon which should correspond to the present condition of textual criticism, of exegesis, and of biblical theology. He devoted more than seven years to his task. The successive Parts of his work received, as they appeared, the outspoken commendation of scholars diverging as widely in their views as Hupfeld and Hengstenberg; and since its completion in it has been generally acknowledged to be by far the best Lexicon of the New Testament extant.

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T he need of a new Greek-English Lexicon of the New. Testament will hardly be questioned. Thayer's monumental work, deservedly the standard for more than.


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