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The Book of Shadows is a sassy celebration of witches, sisterhood, and magic. This book has not been prepared, approved, licensed, endorsed, or in any way authorized by any entity that created or produced Charmed.

In the beginning, the book was created by Melinda Warren and was passed down the family to the Charmed Ones. This book contains spells, incantations, potions and information of the evil beings that their ancestors have once faced. They first find out that they were witches when Phoebe finds the Book of Shadows in their attic, at midnight on a full moon, and reads an incantation aloud. The Book of Shadows is enchanted. It can protect itself from any evil being who dares to touch it.

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In the beginning, the book was created by Melinda Warren and was passed down the family to the Charmed Ones. This book contains spells, incantations, potions and information of the evil beings that their ancestors have once faced. They first find out that they were witches when Phoebe finds the Book of Shadows in their attic, at midnight on a full moon, and reads an incantation aloud. The Book of Shadows is enchanted. It can protect itself from any evil being who dares to touch it.

Outside of the television series, a Book of Shadows is considered to be a collection of magical and religious texts of Wicca and other Neopagan and witchcraft traditions, containing the core rituals , magical practices, ethics and philosophy of a practitioner. Within the realm of magical beings, it is considered to be the most complete book of magical information in existence. In the television series Charmed , the Halliwell Sisters or The Charmed Ones [1] own a powerful and coveted Book of Shadows that has been passed down through their family line.

It contains spells , potions , and information on evil beings their ancestors have faced. The book has been enchanted to protect itself, causing it to move away from any evil being that attempts to touch it.

It has a large triquetra set into its front cover, symbolizing the Power of Three. When Melinda was burned at the stake in the Salem Witch Trials , she claimed that the magical powers of each successive generation of witches in the family would grow in strength, until the book reached three sisters known as The Charmed Ones , who would be "the most powerful witches the world has ever known".

Melinda passed the book on to her daughter, Prudence, and it continued to be handed down from mother to daughter until it came to the Halliwell sisters in The book has grown over the years with each witch who has possessed it, and by the late s, it had about pages.

It continued to grow as The Charmed Ones added more information to it. Penny Halliwell brags in the season five episode, " Happily Ever After ", that she created most of the good potion recipes in it. For many years, the Book was kept in the Manor's attic.

Normally, all witches are supposed to keep their Book of Shadows in a specially protected altar room. In several episodes, various effects resulted from an evil magical being tried to take the book for themselves, including: jumping off the stand in "Once Upon a Time" and " The Seven Year Witch " , repelling the being away from the book in " Death Becomes Them " , projecting a spherical shield around the Book in Death Becomes Them , burning the user's hands in " Imaginary Fiends " , and so on.

When the sisters' powers were unbound, evil beings could touch it, but they couldn't get it out of the Manor. However, by , the sisters had become powerful enough that evil beings couldn't even touch it. The Halliwell sisters occasionally wrote down their experiences after vanquishing a demon, which Billie mentions this when she studied the Book of Shadows in "Run Piper Run".

The first, added by Phoebe , was a spell to banish the Woogyman. Later, at the end of the series, the sisters write in the book about their adventures and what become of their lives. Leo Wyatt , Piper's husband, also added an entry titled "Tips for Future Whitelighters", fearing he may not live to see his sons grow up. The entry included information on whitelighter powers and advice on using them.

In the final episode, Piper tells her granddaughter that the book will one day be hers. In the Charmed series, the Book of Shadows is a large, green leather-bound book with an embossed red triquetra on the cover. The triquetra symbol has been known to change, usually according to some change in the sisters' powers or emotional state. The Book of Shadows has an evil counterpart known as the Grimoire. The Grimoire ' s pages are said to be blackened by its evil.

Much like the Book of Shadows, the Grimoire possesses the power to protect itself from its enemies or anything good. The Grimoire ' s spells and incantations are written in Latin. It makes only a few appearances in the television series and Leo later orbs it, to rest under a mountain of rock in the West Andes, to prevent the coronation of another Source. Bianca and her family of assassin witches possess a grimoire which contains their family's spells, although this is simply a grimoire and not the Grimoire.

In the episode Bride and Gloom , the Charmed Ones' Book of Shadows began to change itself into a grimoire when the girls were turned into warlocks under the influence of evil magic. For instance, good spells were replaced with evil spells.

In the series, Gypsies and witches are sister traditions. Though never specifically stated to be so, Gypsy families also have their own versions of the Book of Shadows that is passed down to immediate family members. This was shown in the season five episode, " The Eyes Have It ", wherein the Gypsy Eva finds her family spell book previously owned by her mother after her mother's death.

Like traditional Books of Shadows, Gypsies' books contain spells and magical recipes. Pagan author Raymond Buckland said in his book, The Witch Book , that the Charmed Book of Shadows gave the show an air of authenticity and showed that the producers of the show seemed to at least know a little of what they were talking about when depicting wiccan practices.

She claims the show draws deeply on wiccan terminology and ritual such as the witches' adding information to their Book of Shadows , but asserts that it is still a fantasy show. The author is more critical of Charmed' s use of the book compared to real-world wiccans but adds, as Buckland did, that it is still a fantasy show.

Criticism has also been garnered for Charmed ' s Book of Shadows. Aoli critically slammed the series' representation of witchcraft in an essay in Totally Charmed: Demons, Whitelighters and the Power of Three. Following The Charmed Ones ' suit, fans worldwide began creating replicas of the Charmed Book of Shadows , when the series began in the s. Like the famed book of the series, the replica versions continued to grow as fans created more and more pages.

The most extensive replica source has 2, pages to date [ when? Fan-made Book of Shadows have become an art form in itself, and many different people create these. Every artisan owns the rights to their own work, so many differences appear in each artist's re-creation of the pages. There is no one-copyright holder to this collective work, which has become a hobby, like scrapbooking.

After Charmed ended its run, the one prop from the series that everyone wanted was the Book of Shadows. There was good-natured discussion over several years concerning which of the long-time crew and cast members had the best claim to the book. The candidates finally narrowed down to Brad Kern , the series' showrunner for its entire run; and Holly Marie Combs , who played Piper Halliwell and was the only cast member to appear in every episode, including the unaired pilot.

Kern and Holly Marie Combs currently share custody of the book, and agreed to alternate possession between the two of them, each getting the book for an entire year at a time. Most recently Holly Marie Combs, appearing on a Comic Con Panel, confirmed that although Kern and her did agree to share custody, Kern has not shared the book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Book of Shadows Book of Shadows open at spell pages. The WB Television Network. The WB. The Witch Book. The Element Encyclopedia of Witch Craft. Hammersmith, London: HarperElement. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications. Retrieved 28 September In Cruise, Jennifer ed. Benbella Books published November 1, Original series — Reboot series —present. Original series Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Comics and novels and short stories Season 9 10 Reboot series. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from February Namespaces Article Talk.

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See more ideas about book of shadows, book of shadow, witchcraft books. Technically, another term would be "grimoire" but people don't really use that in general conversation. Get more eBooks at: www. A personal religious text composed of magickal formulas, practices and secrets that are as alive as the ever evolving journey of the Witch that owns it. May they never be forgotten. Cast by Phoebe Episode 1. If this is your first time creating a spellbook, a regular 3 ring binder Amazon will help you get started!

Book of Shadows

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[P.D.F Download] The Book of Shadows : The Unofficial Charmed Companion Full AudioBook

Join my journey as I discovered witchcraft and magick!

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