1st year physics book pdf download

1st Year Physics Book Pdf Download

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The books are very useful for me.

You can access these books of engg. Moreover, we have hosted some other details like Engg. In order to create a link between school physics concepts and engineering courses, Engineering Physics has introduced for the first-year students for all branches.

1st Year Physics Notes Full Book In Pdf Free Download

Physics is the segment of science that deals with matter and the elements of time and space, activities in the physical world, various laws, etc. NCERT books for class 11 physics are a concise platform for learning different concepts of motions, work and energy and other fundamentals elements of science. Also, through physics, one can comprehend the functioning of the universe and dimensions of science. CSBE conducts exams that enable students to sharpen their skills and increase their academic excellence.

The physics class 11 textbook comprises of all the essential topics as per the CBSE syllabus. It covers key concepts like theories on thermodynamics, matter and motion, etc.

Read them below to ace your studies. The first chapter in NCERT books for class 11 physics covers the vivid concepts of physics — description and meaning.

It elaborates the world of physics and a brief introduction to its constituents. The segment also explains about the scope of physics and its sub-disciplines. The areas of interests covered in this portion are — macroscopic and microscopic. From this chapter, you can also gather knowledge about the relation between physics, technology and social affluence. You can also learn about the contributors to the world of physics and laws invested by famous scientists.

The topic comprises of a few exercises that enable the students to get a hold of the concepts. You can also download the PDF files for e-learning. It also depicts the international system S. Further, it elaborates about the fundamental and derived units along with the system of units. This chapter explains how to measure the accuracy of instruments and the possible errors that may occur during the calculation. You can get a clear purpose about the significant figures through this chapter.

Also, it covers the dimensions of various physical quantities along with formulas and equations. It explains about the rectilinear motion, displacement and path length apart from movement occurring in a straight path. From this segment, you can also comprehend the position of a stationary and uniform object via a position-time graph.

Further, it explains the crucial aspects related to average speed, velocity and acceleration. If you have the zeal to learn various concepts about physics, these PDF are indispensable as they contain exercises and summarised notes. You can upgrade your knowledge learning about relative and instantaneous velocity and factors contribution to the speed of an object. The chapter also describes the kinematic equations and how uniformly acceleration of motions occurs.

If you are learning from NCERT books for class 11 physics, the characteristic of motion occurring in a plane is a mandatory read. The chapter shows the concepts of scalars and vectors, along with the triangle law of addition. Further, your key takeaways from the chapter are about the multiplication of vectors via real numbers, analytical and graphical method.

The segment also explains how motion occurs using two dimensions through the application of vectors. From this portion, you can also gather knowledge about how motion occurs in a plane when there is no change in acceleration. It also explains the concept of relative velocity when two objects are moving at their pace. Chapter five of NCERT physics books contain vital facts regarding the laws related to the motion of any object.

It explains concepts of laws by various scientists, such as Aristotle, Newton and Galileo. From this portion, you can learn about the laws of Newton, Aristotelian law of motion and circular motion.

The segment depicts the law of inertia in great detail through the elaboration of the movement of objects in different positions. You can also learn about how momentum occurs in an object and how it can get conserved. These activities increase your subject knowledge and boost your confidence. It depicts the change in kinetic energy and the change in energy when a body gets displaced.

Also, this portion of physics explains the various formulas of work and energy, along with the notions of potential energy. The chapter explains how a body of mass can store mechanical energy. It also explains several facts regarding the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy. These are a set of activities and questions available at the end of this chapter for your practice.

The PDF helps you to comprehend the energy of a string through illustrations, along with other forms of energy in detail, such as:. Electrical energy. Thermal power. Nuclear form of energy. Chemical energy. The next segment of NCERT books for class 11 physics elaborates about mass, its centre and the type of movements that can occur in a rigid body. It explains rotation and its axis with objects at various positions. You can also get in-depth knowledge about the linear momentum of particles and moment of inertia.

Furthermore, this chapter covers vital aspects, such as products and its two types, torque, angular vector and momentum. From this part, you can learn about the behaviour of a rigid body lying in equilibrium, kinematics and dynamics of an object in rotational motion and rolling motion, etc.

The chapter also covers theories of axes lying in perpendicular and parallel positions. From this chapter, you can understand the acceleration due to the gravitational force of the Earth and its surfaces. It explains the concept related to changes in weight due to change in the force and escape speeds. Further, this segment covers information about the satellites — geostationary and polar.

You can also learn about the energy exhibited from an orbiting satellite. You can also refer to the key points at the end of this chapter to remember vital portions. Download the PDF from links to keep learning on the go. It also talks about the behaviour of solids in terms of its elasticity during various reactions. The chapter helps students learn about the longitudinal strain occurring in a body due to transformation in its original length.

Moreover, from the PDF, you can get a clear understanding of the strain arising from the change in volume of an object. Also, this segment of physics focuses on the modulus of elasticity. It talks about how these fluids react when it gets subjected to pressure, change in volume and mass.

From this portion, you can learn about the densities of some known fluids, such as mercury, seawater and ethyl alcohol, etc. While preparing for the physics examination, you need to read these concepts in great detail. Consider reading about the viscosity and concepts related to surface tension to ace your studies! The tenth chapter of NCERT books for class 11 physics focuses on the thermal characteristics of various objects. It covers the relationship between the temperature of a body and heat conduction.

You can also learn about the equation of an ideal-gas and measurement of changes in temperature. If you are preparing for CBSE exams, this chapter holds utmost significance as it covers the specific capacity of heat and laws of cooling propounded by Newton. Download the PDF to understand these concepts anytime. The next chapter of NCERT books for class 11 physics deals with the laws of thermodynamics and thermal characteristics of objects.

It explains the connections between heat, work and internal energy of various substances. From this portion, you can learn about the Zeroth law of thermodynamics, its processes and equations, etc.

It also talks about the reversible and irrevocable methods along with the functioning of Carnot engines. Through the PDF, you get concise elaborations of these notions and understand it better.

It also covers the functioning of refrigerators and heat pumps along with quasi-static processes. Also, read the summarised points well and practice exercises for better scores. The same was developed during the nineteenth century by Maxwell, Boltzmann and other scientists. The chapter also includes molecular character of matter, the behaviour of various gases under specific circumstances, the specific capacity of heat, etc. You can also read about the properties and theories of an ideal gas.

The topics like mean free path and law of equipartition gets elaborated in the PDF. Various other concepts related to the theory propounded by famous scientists Maxwell and Boltzmann get covered in this chapter.

It would be followed by concepts of projectile motion, rectilinear motion and others in previous chapters. The description of oscillations specifically requires some basic concepts like period, frequency, displacement, amplitude and phase. The above mentioned fundamental concepts are developed in this chapter. Periodic and oscillatory motions are followed by simple harmonic motion, frequency, displacement; velocity and acceleration, simple pendulum, etc. Also, oscillation due to spring gets explained further in this chapter.

The laws confirming the oscillations, numerical problems for practice and solved problems, graphs, diagrams and theoretical explanations help to move ahead with better understanding and learning experiences. The fifteenth chapter in NCERT books for class 11 physics covers the concept of waves and simple harmonic motion. The topic relates to the process of propagation of both light and sound in different mediums.

The chapter has been prepared to ease the understanding of the concept for effective learning. Although this chapter continues to be a huge one, and there exist several complicated segments to learn and apply. Here, NCERT book for physics incorporates the concept of wave motion and the impact of different forces over waves. For example, the reaction of a single wave is always different to different tensional forces, even in constant gravitational force. The concept and functions of waves majorly cover class 11 science subjects, and the application increases with the progress in higher studies.

Apart from gathering notes from numerous sources through extensive research, you can also refer to the NCERT books for class 11 physics.

11th Class Physics Text Book - 1st Year Physics Book

Scholar series physics 1st year is key notes for class 11 physics. Scholar series physics 2nd year can also be downloaded. Zahid Notes is a place where you can find study material for all classes. This is a very low memory digital textbook and you can download it for free. View 1st year physics al abbas igorokphoto.

Here you can find the 1st year physics book from Punjab Textbook Board. You can read it online or you can download it for later use. As we are already helping students over Pakistan by providing them with 9th and 10th class notes , results , date sheets and pairing schemes. Please also checkout other books to prepare for exams in a smart way. A student experiences numerous changes in the way of teaching and syllabus covering. Therefore a student needs Books of 11th class everywhere, so now we have provided you with completely free books of 1st year in pdf format to read or download. Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board has taken a commendable initiative of providing students with Online Free Ebooks for all classes.

Science subjects at intermediate level need full or extra attention to get a good result in the end and Physics is one of the science subjects at an intermediate level. The very basic tip to cover the syllabus is to clear all the concepts delivered through several chapters in the book. Students are to notify that you cannot even clear the single concept if you do not read it by yourself. This is why you are recommended to read your textbook PTB 11th class first in order to clear all the concepts. But, you cannot carry a textbook with you all the time.

From this page, you can download 1st year biology book in PDF. This pdf book is from Punjab Textbook board lahore. The book is for all.

NCERT Books Free PDF Download for Class 11th to 12th

The physics of Fsc Part 1 is not an easy task to prepare. One have to consider many important key points while preparing the 11th class physics subject. The notes of 11th class physics are inevitable, so here we have published the 1st Year, 11th class Physics Notes pdf All Chapters download or read online. Below in the table notes of all chapters of Physics fsc part 1 are listed. Click on the respective link of any chapter and you will be redirected to the notes page from where you can download or read the notes online as you wish.

Are you looking for BSc Physics notes? Well if so, you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the download links to BSc 1st year physics notes in pdf format. As a result, we are here with complete handwritten notes. This is not the complete syllabus of physics.

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BSc 1st Year Physics Book PDF

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Therefore a student needs Books of 11th class everywhere, so now we have provided you with completely free books of 1st year in pdf format to read or download.


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Physics is the segment of science that deals with matter and the elements of time and space, activities in the physical world, various laws, etc.


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