Hinterland Trailer…


The third annual instalment of the Cruel and Curious Art exhibition, that we co-host with Hickory Nines, is fast approaching, in association with:

Finisterre | Harbour Brewing Co | Fear design

Friday 25th September 2015   5:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturday 26th September 2015   4pm – 9:30pm
@ Stowe Barton, Cornwall ~ EX23 9JW

Rum & Ale Bar | Food | Refreshments

Free admission
(donations appreciated)

Now the third event of it’s kind, Hickory Nines and the National Trust once again team up to bring together artists, photographers and makers to the atmospheric 18th century stone barns of Stowe Barton, North Cornwall, for the region’s most conspicuous pop-up art event…

Following two years of celebrating the murk & myth of the sea, The Cruel & Curious exhibition takes an about turn, casting its gaze inland, with over 25 artists and photographers – some new, some returning – each subjectively embracing the new theme of the Hinterland, and the idea of the ‘land behind the sea’, and that which lies therein.

Once again timed to take place during the fading light of two autumnal evenings, the atmosphere of the show is as key as are those who have been hand picked to exhibit.

This year the show opens for a little longer on the Saturday to accommodate more people, having reached capacity on every night, at every event so far.

Food and drink will be available to buy, with a well-stocked bar and the excellent Beautiful and the Feast providing their own take on Hinterland fare.

Work has already begun…

Film produced by Rhodri R Davies

Teaser images from artists and show production crew are also available on Instagram, using the hashtag #cruelandcurious , and more information can be found on the Cruel and Curious Facebook page

Boscastle Spring Clean

This is Neil, one of our long team full time volunteers*

This is Neil just after he pulled what looked like a flag out of the harbour in Boscastle after last weekends high tides.

If, like Neil, you’d like to help us clean up Boscastle after the winter, we are having a bit of a Spring clean this Sunday. Come down, meet a couple of our rather lovely Rangers (maybe even Neil!) and lend us a hand if you can.

All tools and tuition (if required) is provided, but you’ll need to be wearing clothes that can get muddy / and wet, stout footwear / welly boots and bring some food and drink (or you can pop into the NT cafe which is next to the harbour for a sneaky cuppa and a pasty?!)

Meeting at for-mentioned cafe at 10am and working around the harbour for most of the day.

If you want any more information, give the Rangers a call on 01288 331372 or call 01840 250353 and ask for the cafe.

(*the disembodied hand at the bottom of the photo belongs to another one of our Volunteer Rangers, Matt. Exactly why he was in the river is a whole other story for another time……)

….three things

Following on with the theme of Mikes post below – it being the perfect time to visit the beach at the moment – I think this could be a perfect opportunity to repost a piece I saw at the weekend from the consistently brilliant North Cornish / surf blog of Mat Arney which is called ‘An Tor Orth An Mor’, which means “The Land And The Sea” in the Cornish language .

The post at the weekend is about sea, and beach rubbish.

Mat has put together a worrying post – linked below – about the plastic that is slowly clogging up and suffocating our oceans, and of the nasty things that appear on beaches around the world.

There are things we can do to combat it, and help make our environment a better one for everyone to enjoy, now and in the future. There are regularly organised beach cleans by various organisations (the National Trust included – some details below) but much easier then that – next time and every time you go to the beach, take a bag and pick up some of the washed in rubbish. If more and more people do this it would make a big impact on the problem we are facing. Even if you just pick up three things…

Please take a couple of moments to read Mat’s post, and to follow and explore the links you will find at the end of it. And please keep checking back on this site and on his site for updates and check out the links to SAS and keepbritaintidy below for details of local and not so local beach cleans and other events we hold that you can get involved with, if you so wish.

As Mat says –
“here are a few ideas of how you can think global, act local and be a small cog in a bigger engine for change”

  • Pick Up 3. Or more if you can join a regular beach clean event, details here and here.
  • Refuse plastic bags. If you visit the supermarket then take your own bags, buy a bag for life or if you’re in the USA use a paper bag and recycle it. If you have your groceries delivered then click the option for delivery without bags so your shopping arrives in crates that the driver takes back to the store.
  • Carry A Cup. Keep a cup or small flask in your bag or car to take into coffee shops rather than getting take-out cups. Those plastic lids are particularly evil.
  • Drink from the tap. In many countries tap water is totally safe so if possible drink from the tap or refill bottles rather than buying expensive and pointless bottled water. I grew up just a few miles away from a plant that bottled water for a supermarket. Exactly the same water that came out of the tap at my home.
  • Try to buy grocery items that aren’t overly packaged (loose vegetables immediately spring to mind). If enough people refuse to buy based on excessive packaging then the supermarkets will stop using it. It’d save them money too after all. If you’re funny about the possibility of other humans touching your food at some point then wash it or peel it when you get home.

Thank you for reading, and please contact us if you would like to help or have any comments or thoughts.



PS Mat also posts some stunning photos sometimes!….