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A hard disk drive sometimes abbreviated as a hard drive , HD , or HDD is a non-volatile data storage device. It is usually installed internally in a computer, attached directly to the disk controller of the computer's motherboard. It contains one or more platters , housed inside of an air-sealed casing.

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In this article, you will know what is Hard Disk and what are the types of it? Just as a library is required to handle books in the library, the same computer also needs such a place in which it can store digital data. Computers use two types of storage devices to store and process digital content Document, Image, Videos, Software, Operating system, Program. In which Hard Disk is a secondary memory device. It keeps the data stored permanently.

Hard disk, Components, Characteristics, Performance and Hard disk controllers

The hard disk is a type of magnetic disk. It is also called a fixed disk because it is fixed in the system unit. A hard disk consists of several circular disks called platters sealed inside a container. The container contains a motor to rotate the disk. It also contains an access arm and a read and write head to read and write data to the disk. The platters are used to store the data.

A hard disk drive HDD , hard disk , hard drive , or fixed disk [b] is an electro-mechanical data storage device that stores and retrieves digital data using magnetic storage and one or more rigid rapidly rotating platters coated with magnetic material. The platters are paired with magnetic heads , usually arranged on a moving actuator arm, which read and write data to the platter surfaces. HDDs are a type of non-volatile storage , retaining stored data even when powered off. Introduced by IBM in , [6] HDDs were the dominant secondary storage device for general-purpose computers beginning in the early s. HDDs maintained this position into the modern era of servers and personal computers , though personal computing devices produced in large volume, like cell phones and tablets, rely on flash memory storage devices.

Only the most technically proficient IT professionals should attempt to work on the components inside a hard drive. The platters are the circular discs inside the hard drive where the 1s and 0s that make up your files are stored. Platters are made out of aluminum, glass or ceramic and have a magnetic surface in order to permanently store data. On larger hard drives, several platters are used to increase the overall capacity of the drive. Data is stored on the the platters in tracks, sectors and cylinders to keep it organized and easier to find. The spindle keeps the platters in position and rotates them as required.

Hard disk, Components, Characteristics, Performance and Hard disk controllers

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The hard drive, which typically provides storage for data and applications within a computer, has four key components inside its casing -- the platter (for storing.

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Hard Disk Drive and Disk Encryption

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Several types of storage devices are used in storage networking, but by far the most important is the disk drive.


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Photograph of a modern SCSI hard disk, with major components annotated. The logic home stereo tape deck perform a similar function, although using very.


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Hard Disk Drive Components. • Disk platter. • Read/Write head. • Head arm/Head slider. • Head actuator mechanism. • Spindle motor. • Logic board. • Air filter.


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