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Directions And Distance Questions Pdf

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Direction and Distance-based questions are asked in various exams. These questions are generally very easy but occasionally you get tricky ones.

The Concept behind the Directions is the same that we use in our day to day life. This direction sense test is nothing but a precise of sensing the direction. To solve the direction sense test first you need to make a sketch of the data provided.

Verbal Reasoning - Direction Sense Test

The Practice Questions for IBPS PO given below would help you master the topic and ace the questions related to this topic in the prelims and main exam. Read along to know more about the Oliveboard AI Coach. It gives complete feedback on mock attempts and test strategy followed. Also, it provides guidance around what to do next to improve score and accuracy. Improve Your Performance Here.

IBPS PO Practice Questions Series: Part 1 – Direction Sense

The main objective of these questions is to test the candidate's ability to identify the direction in respect of a person who has moved in different directions from his original position. I am facing East. Turning to the right I go 20 m, then turning to the left I go 20 m and turning to the right I go 20 m, then again turning to the right I go 40 m and then again I go 40 m to the right. In which direction am I from my original position? Bhairav walked 30 ft towards North, then took a left turn and walked 15 ft.

Enroll here. He turns North and walks 1 km and then moves 5 km towards East. How far is he from the starting point? How far is Abhay from the starting point? Then the straightway distance of the ship from that place is. She found herself exactly 2 kms West of her starting point.

Every exam will have at least one question from this topic. We can be expected an easy to moderate level of questions with tricky ones too. This typically involves the ability of the candidate to find the distance and direction according to the question. The question will be according to the movement of a person in different directions. The best way to solve these is to draw the diagram. Let us discuss the way to draw diagrams.

Distance and Direction Questions for Bank Exam PDF

A man walks 30 m towards south. Then, turning to his right, he walks 30 m. Then, turning to his left, he walks 20 m. Again, he turns to his left and walks 30 m. How far is he from his initial position?

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Contact no.: career starts. Page 1 of 8. IBPS PO PDF. IBPS PO Prep Module by: 25 important questions of. Direction & Distance.


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