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Published: 20.04.2021

DOI: Keywords: Cultural industry , Economic growth , Input — output table , Vietnam.

Human Organization 1 June ; 18 2 : 78— Perhaps the most significant development of our generation, transcending in its import even the control of nuclear energy, has been the emergence of an almost universal aspiration for higher levels of living, together with a diversity of programs for accelerating economic development in the less developed areas of the world. The efforts of the economically backward nations, many of which have only recently gained or regained their independence, to achieve these objectives hold forth what can be exciting opportunities for research into social change. One way to approach this general problem is suggested by the title of this paper. For an analysis of cultural and personal impediments to economic development constitutes one way of focusing on the cultural and personal aspects of the economically less developed societies to establish benchmarks against which change can be observed and analyzed.

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Ideas and beliefs play an important role in guiding human behavior. As culture has a clear impact on community development, intellectual change or cultural change will rebuild Saudi society. For this purpose, our study dealt with a presentation of the various previous studies that clarified the role of cultures in the development of society and whether change and diversity have a clear role in development. The study was based on a survey of a group of questions to members of the community where the questionnaire was distributed to the University community to take different views of gender. The study also focused on determining the role of cultural diversity and emerging from some old customs to achieve sustainable development which is represented in three main dimensions of economic development, social development and finally political development.

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Theoretical considerations that choose to make reference to the institutional and cultural considerations presuppose that these are in an optimal form. However, this is not the case in the real world. This chapter argues that the coevolution requirements of institutional and culture change are critical for economic outcomes. When institutions and culture coevolve in an optimal pattern, economic development and growth are facilitated. The result can be a series of failing attempts to implement a modernized progrowth framework of institutional settings and cultural behaviors.

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Why Coevolution of Culture and Institutions Matters for Economic Development and Growth?

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Economic Development and Cultural Change EDCC publishes studies that use modern theoretical and empirical approaches to examine both the determinants and the effects of various dimensions of economic development and cultural change.


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