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Blake Morrison is Patron of the Prize. Free to enter, the Prize aims to find the best life writing from emerging writers from across the UK. The competition is open to writers who have yet to publish a full-length work or have a literary agent.

Memory and Narrative

Blake Morrison is Patron of the Prize. Free to enter, the Prize aims to find the best life writing from emerging writers from across the UK. The competition is open to writers who have yet to publish a full-length work or have a literary agent. Originally from the US, she lives in London with her family. Frances Wilson is a biographer and critic.

He was previously editorial director at Granta Books. She worked as a journalist for many years before completing a PhD on memoir and race at Newcastle University.

Alongside her own work, she has guided and published numerous emerging writers and initiated her own Arts Council-funded literature projects. She lives in East Sussex with her family and is currently writing a novel. Aisling Twomey is a writer and yoga teacher, born and raised in Ireland but now living in London.

She also writes for Book Riot. Aisling is currently working on her first novel for young adults and is studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London. Alison Marr , originally from Northern Ireland is a musician and songwriter based in London. She studied Creative Writing at the OU and writes short stories and poetry and is currently working on a collection of fairy tales set in Kilburn. When not writing she plays jigs and reels on her mandolin.

She studied economics in a previous life and returned to university as a mature student. She has written satire, poetry and short fiction on and off and now aspires to do more life writing and perhaps a novel. She is an avid cook and photographer.

You can read North of the River here: bit. Cathy Galvin has roots in Connemara and England. Charlotte Derrick is an emerging prose writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Claire lives near Windsor with her wife Bethan and their twin daughters. She enjoys running, which is lucky, as life with two toddlers provides plenty of practice.

About ten years ago, after attending a screenwriting course at Birkbeck, I wrote the first draft of a fictional, feature-length screenplay, based on events that took place in my late-teens in the early s. The screenplay lay gathering dust on a shelf until a couple of years ago, when I dusted it off and wrote the second draft as a true story.

As I attempted to develop it further, I realised that there were too many events and characters to fit into a minute screenplay, so I decided to turn it into a book. New Boy is the prologue. David Murphy is a writer of fiction, plays, screenplays and poetry. You can read On Sigma-Algebras here: bit. Farhana Shaikh is a writer and publisher born in Leicester. Helen Longstreth is a writer currently living in London. Raised as an only child, losing her parents young further fuelled obsessive reading and diary writing.

A qualified teacher, Joanna Brown facilitates creative writing workshops. Recent work includes the development of the literary education programme Africa Writes: Young Voices, linking poets with London school students to explore writing from Africa and the diaspora.

She is now immersing herself fully in her own writing practice, unearthing her personal family histories to honour and celebrate unsung Black lives in Britain. You can read Birds can be heard singing through open windows here: bit. Jon Paul Roberts is an essayist, journalist, and screenwriter from Chester. They worked as an editor for a Liverpudlian literary magazine In The Red , as well as contributing to various sites and local publications within Liverpool.

They have run events including launch parties, open mic nights for writers, and other readings. In their essays they hope to find the line between his experiences and the forces that influenced them, whether that be film, television, family, or friends. They aim to find silver linings in darker moments by writing about them because, as their hero, Nora Ephron, said, everything is copy.

They are on Twitter JonPaul He quit his stable office job to find fulfilment in the study and practice of storytelling. He now survives on instant noodles but loves his life. Find him on twitter JHoltonWriter.

K Devan is a writer living in East London and a recent graduate of the Faber Academy, where he entered on a full scholarship. His work explores sexuality and ethnicity, through an intersectional and post-colonial approach. Her father was killed in a car accident in but he left a life-long imprint, and a second- hand stereo, from which her ethics and musical taste grew.

She gave up a twenty-five year career in the commercial sector to take up life, which has mostly been spent travelling, teaching, reading or dreaming. She enjoys music, gardening, house design and all things aesthetically pleasing.

Kate Ivanova is a Crimea-born multifaceted artist. Her writing consists of elements of autobiographical fiction and surrealism. In her academic and creative work, she explores issues surrounding memory, trauma, space and identity. Kate works and collaborates withartists and academics in Luxembourg, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Kate is about to embark on a writing and photographic journey throughIndia, with the aim of documenting and photographing local, female artists and their working space.

Kathy Hoyle is a mature student at the Open University, currently studying for a degree in Creative Writing. She hopes to graduate next year. She loves to write short, poignant stories and this year she has been long-listed for the Sunderland short story award and short-listed for the Bedford international writing competition. She is currently working on a fantasy novella for Young Adults and a short story collection.

I started to write for myself again after my first child was born. It was unexpected. I snatched moments to write at the breakfast table or in bed late at night.

Since then, my writing has begun to take on a life of its own. It has adventures. One day some poems ran off to the theatre to be read by actors. I never know what it will do next. Most importantly, they are the start of a conversation. Her work has been published in some blogs and journals and she is currently shortlisted for the National Memory Day Poetry Prize.

She also runs a circus. You can read For the Flesh is Sour here: bit. Because they are not enough well-written stories about complex, funny and multifaceted Black British characters and Leke is on a mission to change that. Since I was little, I have been fascinated with cars and driving, always wanting to grow up to be a Lorry Driver. But, in over thirty years, I have only been unemployed for four months altogether.

Mostly factory work, initially; my redundancy package from the Ford Motor Company giving me the freedom to work for an Agency while working out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Lorelei Goulding is originally from Long Island, New York and lives in rural Somerset with her husband, three children, and very unruly dog. She has been keeping disorganised journals and writing stories since childhood. Birdie is her first work to be published. You can read Birdie here: bit. She started writing plays and poetry as a child which eventually led to a degree in English Literature and Drama from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

Originally from Wiltshire, Madeline Cross now lives in Edinburgh where she works for a youth homelessness charity and is writing her first collection of short stories. She has a BA in English and an MA in contemporary literature and culture, both from UCL: her academic research focuses on theories of identity, grief, the fragment, and narrative form.

She is particularly interested in inter-disciplinarity and tackling questions of form in her work. She writes fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama. You can read This is a story about friendship here: bit. Oluwafunmilayo Funmi Adewale is a former teacher and an eternal student. She enjoys writing in all its forms and recently had a short story published in the anthology, Gains and Losses. Through her writing on mental health issues, she hopes to gain more insight into herself and encourage greater openness in others.

She is most at home when playfully conversing in Yoruba or when weaving her way through London traffic on her beloved green bike. Roisin Maguire is a business manager and keen recreational scuba diver and scuba instructor. She has always enjoyed writing and has decided that now her four children have grown up a bit, that she is going to put more time and effort into it!

She enjoys life writing especially, as it gives her an excuse to try new things and go to new places to ensure she has always got something interesting to write about.

She grew up in Barcelona, where she returns whenever she can. You can read The Spoon Garden here: bit. Ruth Tudor grew up Welsh-speaking and with rural feralness.

In her life took a tumble and she writes to make sense of it and the resonance she feels with planetary crisis. Currently researching for a PhD and writing a book, she seeks to be unruly; to disturb mainstream mindsets; to liberate her inner outlaw.

She delights in many things: the big blowy breaths of her horses; the shapes cranes make on an urban skyline; talking ideas with friends and colleagues. Her current favourite word: precarity. More at thepracticeofthewild.

Experiments in Life-Writing: Introduction

Experiments in Life-Writing pp Cite as. The introduction outlines how writers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have extended the range of the biographical through formal innovations commonly associated with the fictional mode. The introduction concludes by outlining the individual chapters in the collection. These writings include not only memoir, autobiography, biography, diaries, autobiographical fiction , and biographical fiction , but also letters, writs, wills, written anecdotes, depositions, court proceedings,. That fiction these days habitually registers on the life-writing radar is reflected also by the event programmes and the work conducted at various centres for life-writing research 4 as well as by the awarding in of the prestigious Erasmus Prize to novelist A.

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Request PDF | Memory and Narrative: The Weave of Life-Writing (review) | Biography () James Olney's new book focuses.

Memory and Narrative

This article explores the ways in which stories serve a structuring function in three Portuguese American memoirs. The article also examines the use of stories as a way to weave together the gap between memory and inherited memory Hirsch, , arguing that the stories produce texts that carefully choreograph between inherited family stories and inherited cultural memories, creating a layering effect. The conclusion demonstrates how the inclusion of collective memories within individual memory present in the text generates a narrative community beyond the nation state s. My memoir is not a dialogue-driven work.

Our longstanding view of memory and remembering is in the midst of a profound transformation. This does not only affect our concept of memory or a particular idea of how we remember and forget; it is a wider cultural transformation. In order to understand it we need to step back and consider what is meant when we say memory.

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Memory and Narrative: The Weave of Life Writing by James Olney (review)

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Borderlines: Autobiography and Fiction in Postmodern Life Writing

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