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The film's theme song , the Broadway -inspired ballad was first recorded by British-American actress Angela Lansbury in her role as the voice of the character Mrs. Potts , and essentially describes the relationship between its two main characters Belle and the Beast , specifically how the couple has learned to accept their differences and in turn change each other for the better. Additionally, the song's lyrics imply that the feeling of love is as timeless and ageless as a "tale as old as time".

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The film's theme song , the Broadway -inspired ballad was first recorded by British-American actress Angela Lansbury in her role as the voice of the character Mrs. Potts , and essentially describes the relationship between its two main characters Belle and the Beast , specifically how the couple has learned to accept their differences and in turn change each other for the better. Additionally, the song's lyrics imply that the feeling of love is as timeless and ageless as a "tale as old as time".

Lansbury's rendition is heard during the famous ballroom sequence between Belle and the Beast, while a shortened chorale version plays in the closing scenes of the film, and the song's motif features frequently in other pieces of Menken's film score.

Lansbury was initially hesitant to record "Beauty and the Beast" because she felt that it was not suitable for her aging singing voice, but ultimately completed the song in one take.

Disney first recruited solely Dion to record a radio-friendly version of it in order to promote the film. However, the studio was concerned that the then-newcomer would not attract a large enough audience in the United States on her own, so they hired the more prominent Bryson to be her duet partner. At first Dion was also hesitant to record "Beauty and the Beast" because she had just recently been fired from recording the theme song of the animated film An American Tail: Fievel Goes West First heard during the film's end credits , the single was produced by Walter Afanasieff who also arranged it with Robbie Buchanan , and included on Dion's self-titled album and Bryson's album, Peabo Bryson The single was accompanied by a music video.

Directed by Dominic Orlando, it combined footage of the singers recording the song at The Power Station with excerpts from the film. Lansbury's performance has been universally lauded by both film and music critics. While the Dion-Bryson version received mixed reviews from critics who felt that it was inferior to Lansbury's original, the single became a commercial success, peaking at number nine on the Billboard Hot and becoming the better-known of the two renditions.

In addition to returning Disney songs to the pop charts after a thirty-year absence, the success of "Beauty and the Beast" also boosted Dion's career and established her as a bankable recording artist. After "Beauty and the Beast" became the first Disney song to undergo a complete pop transformation, several contemporary artists were inspired to release their own radio-friendly renditions of Disney songs throughout the decade.

Considered to be among Disney's best and most popular songs, "Beauty and the Beast" has since been covered by numerous artists. In , the American Film Institute ranked "Beauty and the Beast" at number 62 on their list of the greatest songs in American film history.

The song is also featured in the live-action adaptation ; sung by Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts during the film and also as a duet cover version by Ariana Grande and John Legend during the end credits. Potts , an enchanted teapot. The songwriters first introduced "Beauty and the Beast" to Lansbury as a demo recording , which was accompanied by a note asking her if she might possibly be interested in singing it.

On October 6, , [6] "Beauty and the Beast" was recorded in a studio in New York City accompanied by a live orchestra because the songwriters preferred to have all performers and musicians record together opposed to separating the singers from the instrumentalists. Potts was deemed suitable. We picked up a couple of lines here and there, but essentially that one take is what we used for the movie".

Potts' role in the film. Some of Ashman's cut lyrics from the film were reinstated for the version in the film. The scene in Beauty and the Beast during which the song is heard is the moment when Belle and the Beast's true feelings for each other are finally established.

Potts, an enchanted teapot, midway through the film as she explains the feeling of love to her young teacup son Chip , [27] referring to the emotion as "a tale as old as time". From the Beast's perspective, it is the moment he realizes that he wants to confess his true feelings for Belle to her [29] and "decides he wants to tell Belle he is in love with her". The scene had long been envisioned as having a more live-action feel to it than the rest of the film, an idea that originated from story artists Brenda Chapman and Roger Allers , who were the first to suggest that the ballroom be built using computers.

In their dance together, Belle and the Beast move toward the camera, as we pan up and into the 3D chandelier. In the next shot, the camera slowly drops from the ceiling as we once again move alongside the 3D chandelier.

This adds depth to the scene, as the chandelier is placed at the forefront of the image and Belle and the Beast are in the distance. This shot continues as we move down below and gracefully move around them. The Beast then sways Belle around and near the camera, once again providing us with an illusion that a camera is following these characters around in an actual ballroom.

In a wide shot of Belle and the Beast dancing, the camera begins dollying back as Mrs. Potts and Chip appear in the frame. These beautiful compositions and camera movements show us how space functions within an animated feature film.

Regarded as an example of "a pronounced use of height and of vertical movement in sets and settings, in virtual camera movement Rossing believes that the filmmakers aimed to achieve "a moving perspective that would follow the dancers around the room, giving visual expression to the soaring emotions of the scene".

First rendered as a simple cube , [25] the filmmakers used computers to design the ballroom as a production set, making it the first full-dimensional computer-generated colored background in history. Writing for Combustible Celluloid, Jeffrey M. Anderson believes that "The animators understood that the new technology couldn't be used to represent organic beings, so they simply used it for backgrounds; i. When Beauty and the Beast was released, many animators were impressed with the studio for " pushing the envelope ", while some considered the scene to be "a miserable failure", accusing its new technology of distracting from "the moment".

The original film version of "Beauty and the Beast" performed by Lansbury was written in the key of D-flat major [74] at a "moderately slow" tempo of 84 beats per minute Andante , [75] at a duration of two minutes and forty-six seconds. Hischak described Menken's melody as "flowing", [81] while BuzzFeed 's Aylin Zafar wrote that the song is "Tender and warm". Dixon believes that the song's lyrics are about the couple's "implicit promise of regeneration through love". Hischak wrote in The Disney Song Encyclopedia that the song is "about how two tentative hearts are united in love".

Seibert believes that the song "acknowledges its own banality Christley wrote that Lansbury "delivers the film's title tune, gooey treacle that it is, like nobody's business". Potts — is even better. Tender and warm Tune as old as song. Bittersweet and strange. Finding you can change. Learning you were wrong. Certain as the sun rising in the East. Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast" as the film's best lyric. The ballroom sequence during which Belle and the Beast dance to "Beauty and the Beast" continues to be praised, especially for its use of computer animation.

When Beauty and the Beast was re-released in 3D in , [] Annlee Ellingson of Paste appreciated the way in which the sequence was adapted, describing it as "positively vertiginous". To viewers at the time, the computer effects in this climactic sequence [] were astonishing. The Studios After the Studios explains: "This chronological fusion was itself classicised by Mrs Potts' song: she turns a moment of industrial novelty into balance".

The American Film Institute ranked "Beauty and the Beast" 62nd on the organization's list of the greatest songs in film history. IGN placed the scene at number 83 on its ranking of the greatest moments in film history. What a song". Actress and singer Paige O'Hara , who voices Belle, was among the first artists to express interest in recording the pop version of "Beauty and the Beast", but Disney dismissed her for being "too Broadway".

The single is a pop ballad [82] [] that lasts a total of four minutes and three seconds. The orchestration of the "conservatively-rendered pop song", [72] [] as described by Filmtracks, includes an electric oboe, keyboard, synthesizer and acoustic guitar. Unlike Lansbury's version, the Dion-Bryson single has earned generally mixed reviews; critics generally voice their preference for Lansbury's version over Dion and Bryson's. The song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary chart.

In Canada, "Beauty and the Beast" peaked at number two. The song sold over a million copies worldwide. Dion and Bryson's recording session at The Power Station [] was filmed and later interpolated with various scenes from the film in order to create a music video , [] was directed by Dominic Orlando.

The duo reunited in to perform the song for the television special Oprah in Disneyland , [] while Lansbury provided an encore performance at the 25th Anniversary screening of the film.

American singers Ariana Grande and John Legend covered "Beauty and the Beast" for the live-action adaption of the same name. The song appears in the Broadway musical adaptation of the film , which premiered in The overall success of Beauty and the Beast is partially attributed to the song's popularity.

Disney was dominating charts like never before". Bill Gibron of PopMatters believes that the song "proved that the pen and ink designs that drove the company for nearly 80 years could transcend the genre and turn into something seminal The Houston Press ' Adam Castaneda extolled it as "one of the finest dance sequences in the history of film".

Beauty and the Beast: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack continues to be best remembered for spawning the Dion-Bryson single, [] which established itself as an instant classic.

Although both singles were released around the same time, the success of Dion's song ultimately eclipsed Ronstadt's "Dreams to Dream". In addition to establishing Bryson as a mainstream recording artist, [] the singer has since returned to Disney on two separate occasions to record pop versions of " A Whole New World " and " As Long as There's Christmas ", the theme songs of the animated films Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas , respectively, both of which are duets.

In , actress and singer Julie Andrews , a Disney Legend , included Lansbury's rendition of "Beauty and the Beast" on her album Julie Andrews Selects Her Favorite Disney Songs , although she does not cover the song herself; [] the album is a simply compilation of Andrews' favourite Disney songs. The pilot episode of the animated TV series The Critic featured a minute-long "musical lampoon" [] of the Beauty and the Beast ballroom sequence and song entitled "Beauty and King Dork", written and composed by The Simpsons writer Jeff Martin.

In Disney's fantasy film Enchanted , the Jon McLaughlin ballad " So Close " serves as a "deliberate" reference to both the song and scene. In a duet with Jimmy Fallon , American singer Ariana Grande impersonated Dion while performing "Beauty and the Beast" live on the comedian's late-night talk show in The ballroom sequence was parodied in an episode of Family Guy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Play media. By far the songwriters' biggest triumph is the title song, which becomes even more impressive in view of the not-very-promising assignment to create a 'Beauty and the Beast theme song.

But the result is a glorious ballad, one that is performed in two versions, as both a top style duet heard over the closing credits and a sweet, lilting solo sung by Ms. Lansbury during the film's most meltingly lovely scene. For the latter, which also shows off the film's dynamic use of computer-generated animation, the viewer would be well advised to bring a hanky.

Retrieved January 11, Los Angeles Times. October 6, Retrieved June 19, Retrieved April 24,

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