american railroads and the transformation of the antebellum economy online pdf

American Railroads And The Transformation Of The Antebellum Economy Online Pdf

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Transportation in the United States is facilitated by road, air, rail, and waterways via boats. The vast majority of passenger travel occurs by automobile for shorter distances, and airplane or railroad, in some regions for longer distances.

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Railroads and American Economic Growth: A "Market Access" Approach

Discussion Papers. James E. Simonovska, Ina; Waugh, Michael E. Waugh, Richard Hornbeck, Hornbeck, Richard A. Schmitz Jr.

The southern economy grew in spite of slavery; between and southern incomes grew more rapidly than northern incomes. After the Civil War and Reconstruction, southern income growth exceeded income growth in the rest of the country by about 0. Regional incomes converged after World War II. Income growth notwithstanding, the southern population grew more slowly and southerners accumulated less nonslave wealth than their northern counterparts in the antebellum era. Slavery worked to the detriment of the southern economy by reducing urbanization and industrialization, by restricting productive investments in education and entrepreneurial capital, by encouraging rent-seeking and corruption, by separating the South from the international labor market, and by actively obstructing the development of well-functioning markets. Keywords: southern economy , southern incomes , population growth , urbanization , industrialization , international labor market.

The Handbook of Texas is free-to-use thanks to the support of readers like you. Support the Handbook today. No thank you, I am not interested in joining. In the drama of Texas history the period of early statehood, from to , appears largely as an interlude between two great adventures-the Republic of Texas and the Civil War. These fifteen years did indeed lack the excitement and romance of the experiment in nationhood and the "Lost Cause" of the Confederacy. Events and developments during the period, however, were critical in shaping the Lone Star State as part of the antebellum South.

Adams on Majewski, 'Modernizing a Slave Economy: The Economic Vision of the Confederate Nation'

About half of all people died in the acclimating process. For whites, acclimation was the quintessential demonstration of calculated risk-taking: that people had paid their biological dues, were worthy of investment, and could now justifiably pursue economic advancement in slave racial capitalism. For black slaves, who were embodied capital, immunity enhanced the value and safety of that capital for their white owners, strengthening the set of racialized assumptions about the black body bolstering racial slavery. By fusing health with capitalism, this article presents a new model—beyond the toxic fusion of white supremacy with the flows of global capitalism—for how power operated in nineteenth-century Atlantic society. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

The Antebellum US Economy

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John D. Civil War America Series. Reviewed by Sean Patrick Adams Dept.

Handbook of Cliometrics pp Cite as. In the antebellum era, the economy of the United States underwent an acceleration of economic growth. Cliometric studies have established not only that growth predated the Civil War but that many features prominent in later years — commercialization of agriculture, urbanization, the rise of manufacturing, and mass European immigration — were clearly visible in the antebellum period. This chapter reviews and summarizes this body of research. A notable dimension of this history is that growth and development transpired under two distinct regimes: the slave economy of the southern states and the family-farm, wage labor economy of the free states.

Transportation in the United States

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Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History, 2nd Edition

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First Online: 20 August Download reference work entry PDF A notable dimension of the antebellum US economy is that growth and This was the intellectual background for the two landmark railroad books by Albert Sokoloff suggested an evolution of productivity over time, from an early phase.

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American Railroads and the Transformation of the Ante-Bellum Economy. By Albert Fishlow. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Pp. xvi, $


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