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Breeds Of Beef Cattle And Their Characteristics Pdf

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Adaptation of tropical cattle breeds to their environment, in the perspective of climatic change. A little number of these breeds has a worldwide distribution, while many of them have evolved in restrained areas and remain at a local or a regional level.

There are more than recognized breeds of cattle throughout the world, with more than 80 readily available to producers in the United States. When you take crossbred cattle into consideration, the possibilities are endless. Crossbreeding is an efficient way to build a herd, but those purebred lines are still important. Quality purebreds make quality crossbreds.

List of cattle breeds

Skip to main content. Search form Search. Hereford vs angus. Hereford vs angus hereford vs angus We only have around 10 Classic Hereford breeding cows and 10 breeding cows for the Red Lowline Angus side. Simmental bulls that have been crossed with Angus and Red Angus breeds will often look like Angus at first glance.

Diseases of Cattle in the Tropics pp Cite as. The origin and general characteristics of the principal types of cattle currently inhabiting the various tropical areas of the world are considered. The major groups included were the humped Zebu Bos indicus , non-humped European Bos taurus , intermediate crosses of these two types, and the close relatives of cattle, the Banteng and Water Buffalo. The Zebu and European types of cattle both are thought to have been domesticated in western Asia. The Zebu spread across southern Asia, immigrating later to the African continent where they migrated slowly southward. Beginning about the middle of the 19th century, Zebu cattle principally from India were transported to the Americas, Australia and various tropical islands. The European types spread over central Asia and Europe and also migrated to Africa where they mixed with the Zebu types.

Hugo M. Arelovich, Rodrigo D. Bravo, Marcela F. The production of agricultural commodities has historically been linked to the development and traditions of a country. Argentina has traditionally produced beef, and the country maintains one of the largest consumptions of beef per capita worldwide. However, the absence of clear long-term policies and strategies to stimulate beef cattle production; characteristics of commercial procedures; the interests of export companies and domestic markets; environmental constraints, such as prolonged unpredicted droughts; and the availability versus potential adoption of technological tools have affected producer management decisions and profitability, as well as the overall beef cattle business.

16 Common Cattle Breeds

Over breeds of cattle are recognized worldwide, some of which adapted to the local climate , others which were bred by humans for specialized uses. Cattle breeds fall into two main types, which are regarded as either two closely related species , or two subspecies of one species. Bos indicus or Bos taurus indicus cattle, commonly called zebu, are adapted to hot climates and originated in the tropical parts of the world such as India, Sub-saharan Africa, China, and Southeast Asia. Bos taurus or Bos taurus taurus , typically referred to as "taurine" cattle, are generally adapted to cooler climates and include almost all cattle breeds originating from Europe, the Mediterranean region, and northern Asia. Both species were likely present since ancient times in northern Africa and the Middle East, where both natural and human-caused hybridization likely occurred. In some parts of the world further species of cattle are found both as wild and domesticated animals , and some of these are related so closely to taurine and indicus cattle that inter species hybrids have been bred.

Option Not Applicable. Look Inside. The Cattle Breeds ebook is a comprehensive guide to many varieties of cattle. This 71 page ebook includes descriptions of the ideal uses for each breed and their origins. Domesticated cattle have long played a vital role in human society.

At least indigenous African cattle breeds have been named, but the majority of African cattle populations remain largely uncharacterized. As cattle breeds and populations in Africa adapted to various local environmental conditions, they acquired unique features. We know now that the history of African cattle was particularly complex and while several of its episodes remain debated, there is no doubt that African cattle population evolved dramatically over time. Today, we find a mosaic of genetically diverse population from the purest Bos taurus to the nearly pure Bos indicus. African cattle are now found all across the continent, with the exception of the Sahara and the river Congo basin. They are found on the rift valley highlands as well as below sea level in the Afar depression.

The major characteristics that are important in beef production include mature body size, milk production, age at puberty, environmental.

African Indigenous Cattle: Unique Genetic Resources in a Rapidly Changing World

After finishing, eight bulls from each breed were randomly selected for slaughter at Longissimus dorsi ld muscle was taken from the carcass for meat quality evaluations. LIM showed higher pH 24 h and better water holding capacity than other breeds.

Beef cattle are cattle raised for meat production as distinguished from dairy cattle , used for milk production. The meat of mature or almost mature cattle is mostly known as beef. In beef production there are three main stages: cow-calf operations , backgrounding , and feedlot operations. The production cycle of the animals start at cow-calf operations; this operation is designed specifically to breed cows for their offspring.

Cattle , domesticated bovine farm animals that are raised for their meat , milk , or hides or for draft purposes.

Hereford vs angus

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Characteristics of Types and Breeds of Cattle in the Tropics

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Beef cattle

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