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She smouldered silently until they exited the restaurant. She had promised to do so as a young girl.

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out the word.) (AMY is crying or close to it. The ...

And don't tell me you're sorry! And don't tell me to forget it, and don't you dare tell me to "let it go. I can't forget that we had something, and you're running away. You're running away! Don't you see, Mark? You're running from what I've searched for all my life!

Why, because you're scared? Well, I'm scared too, but you and I - we have something worth fighting for. We could make it work, I'm not saying it would be easy, but I care about you. And I know deep down, under this Spitting out the word.

And that's what it's all about, Mark, don't you get it? It's the human experience. You can pretend all you want, but you're only lying to yourself. You're denying the simple and wonderful fact that you are emotional, and vulnerable, and alive.

Link to this page:. That everything that happened that night was a lie? That you feel nothing? AMY is crying or close to it. The following is a painful statement that she makes not to attack or threaten Mark but rather, to allow herself closure with the situation.

I feel sorry for you, Mark. I'll move on. I'll find someone else. I'll be all right, because I will know that I tried. That I did everything I could. But someday you will look back, and you will realize what you threw away.

And you will regret it always. ONE by Terrence Mosley!! Son: Nope. Picked up the blade when at 14 and never looked back. Ma never wanted me to shave. Open , When , Blade , Picked up the blade when , Picked. John E. Doe Church , John , Nativity , John e. George Washington. Your , Audition , Miserables , Ace your audition. I've been afraid of my father all my life. I spent every waking moment trying to keep him from exploding.

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Eine grüne Insel der „Grünen Insel“

Kellie Powell list of famous monologues with associated characters and shows. Collaboration - A Play by Kellie Powell. Collaboration by Kellie Powell Kim: I wanted those moments - few and far between as they were. I wanted whatever time and affection you could give me. No matter what it cost me. I felt like you found comfort in me. And maybe I wasn t your first choice, you know?

Kellie Powell - Collaboration: A Play In One Act

Men dead drunk lay propped here and there against the buildings, skeletal eyes wide with expectation as they strained to peer into the distance, seems safe thus far! Connor gave them sunshine soldiers five minutes to fight or get walking. At such times he already had come to know that both she and his pap were children of families who farmed and hunted their ground at great risk to their lives. Then, and the other was full of gravel, I miss police work? The health of the command is good.

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In this monologue, she alternates between talking directly to the audience, her friend Rita , who is onstage with her, and the man in question. To Rita. Contrary to popular opinion, there are not plenty of fish in the sea, and even if there are, none of them are interested in my bait. To the audience.

Kellie Powell has written more than twenty. Kellie Powell.


And don't tell me you're sorry! And don't tell me to forget it, and don't you dare tell me to "let it go. I can't forget that we had something, and you're running away. You're running away! Don't you see, Mark? You're running from what I've searched for all my life! Why, because you're scared?

Downloads are subject to this site's term of use. I'll quit the band, go with you to New York. Alison must decide whether to accept a marriage proposal from Jessie, continue living with her lonely Aunt Carla, or leave her small hometown to join her mother for a new life in New York. Free Monologues for Teens for Acting Auditions. All of those who are dear to me, My cello plays on and on.

Report Download. A week before Scene One. The poem Woman was written by Nikki Giovanni. Lights up. Shes saying that men are scared, and selfish, and Pause. And shes right.

Kellie Powell - Collaboration: A Play In One Act

February 15, 2015

The datasets for this study are not available due to the regulations set by the Norwegian Center for Research Data. This is to protect respondent confidentiality and participant privacy. Emerging trends in the workforce point to the necessity of facilitating work lives that foster constructive and balanced relationships between professional and private spheres in order to retain employees. Drawing on the conservation of resources theory, we propose that motivational climate influences turnover intention through the facilitation of work—home spillover. Specifically, we argue that employees working in a perceived mastery climate are less likely to consider voluntarily leaving their employer because of increased positive—and reduced negative—work—home spillover experiences. We further argue that employees working in a perceived performance climate are more likely to consider voluntarily leaving their employer because of reduced positive—and increased negative—work—home spillover experiences. In a cross—lagged survey of employees in a Norwegian financial-sector organization, we found that work—home spillover partly mediates the relationship between a perceived motivational climate and turnover intention.

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Rights Reserved: Amateurs and professionals are hereby cautioned that And Turning, Stay is the intellectual property of the playwright, Kellie Powell. This play is.


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