the biology and control of phlebotomine sand flies pdf

The Biology And Control Of Phlebotomine Sand Flies Pdf

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The Phlebotominae are a subfamily of the family Psychodidae. In several countries, their common name is sand fly ; but that name is also applied to other flies known as sandflies.

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Control of phlebotomine Diptera: Psychodidae leishmaniasis vectors. Phlebotomines are of medical and veterinary concern as they vector leishmaniasis, bartonellosis and some arboviruses. The adaptations of some species to places modified by humans bring these vectors into contact with dwellings, which can facilitate disease transmission, and the vector control strategies adopted have rendered controversial results. Regarding leishmaniasis, for instance, which vector and reservoirs control can be effective, there is an assumption that the incidence of human infection is directly related to the number of infectious dogs, as well as to entomological factors. Therefore, vector control can provide a cheaper and more practical solution to prevent cases of leishmaniasis. Nevertheless, due to the complexity of the factors involved, chemical control is still essential, and biological insecticides and insecticide plants, for example, represent areas for study that should be encouraged and developed since they show promising results. This paper summarizes the control strategies adopted so far, especially the methods and efficiency of the entomological components of leishmaniasis control programs.

Leishmania pp Cite as. Of approximately species or subspecies of phlebotomine sand flies, 80 are proven or probable vectors of the 22 species of Leishmania that cause human disease Tables 1 and 2. In some foci of leishmaniasis, the vectors are unknown and it is certain that more species will be added to the list. This is a constraint in devising means of controlling the vectors and thus reducing the risk of infection. Most importantly, so little is known about the terrestrial breeding sites of sand flies that any attempt to control them by attacking the peri-marginal stages is impractical.

Sri Lanka. Phlebotomine sand flies Psychodidae: Diptera of Sri Lanka: a review on diversity, biology and bionomics. Phlebotomine sand flies are medically important insects widespread throughout the world and responsible for the transmission of several diseases to humans and other animals including leishmaniasis and sand fly fever. In Sri Lanka, a total of 22 species of sand flies belonging to two genera, namely: Phlebotomus and Sergentomyia, have been recorded with 6 and 16 species, respectively. The current study reports a complete list of the species of sand flies reported from Sri Lanka with a review on global and local distribution, biology and bionomics of each species as per published literature up to June Abonnenc E.

Updates on the distribution and diversity of sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Romania

Sand flies are the insects responsible for transmitting Leishmania parasites, the causative agents of leishmaniasis in humans. However, the effects of sand fly breeding sites on their biology and ecology remain poorly understood. Herein, we studied how larval nutrition associated with putative breeding sites of the sand fly Lutzomyia longipalpis affects their oviposition, development, microbiome, and susceptibility to Leishmania by rearing L. The results showed that female L. Typical gut microbial profiles were found in larvae reared upon cashew leaf litter. Adult females from larvae reared on substrate collected in chicken coops were infected with Leishmania infantum , indicating that they were highly susceptible to the parasite. In conclusion, the larval breeding sites can exert an important role in the epidemiology of leishmaniasis.

INTRODUCTION. Of approximately species or subspecies of phlebotomine sand flies, 80 are proven or probable vectors of the 22 species of Leishmania.

The Biology and Control of Leishmaniasis Vectors

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Phlebotomine Sand Flies: Biology and Control

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by the bite of a phlebotomine sand fly that has previously fed on an infected mammal. The exceptions, which are not considered further in this review, are rare​.


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Leishmania pp Cite as.


Aldino R.

Of approximately species or subspecies of phlebotomine sand flies, 80 are proven or probable vectors of the 22 species of Leishmaniathat cause human.


Sarah D.

Vector control remains a key component of many anti-leishmaniasis programs and probably will remain so until an effective vaccine becomes available.


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