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A few days ago we asked everyone on our Facebook and Twitter pages to recommend a book on Indian history. Many of you responded with some wonderful suggestions. We also received many e-mails suggesting books we had never heard of. Here then, is the list of 10 books in no particular order on Indian history that we have compiled based on your responses. It gives a detailed account of the period ranging from the coming of the Aryans to the establishment of the British Empire.

Nehru Benaqab

A lot of people think that meditation is this crazy and though spiritual experience, sitting in a monk pose and not being able to breath. Well, this is exactly what it is NOT. In one word: Being. Not doing, not thinking, just being.

Watcher of what? Of your thoughts and your bodily actions. Become aware of them. Meditation equals awareness. Anything you do with awareness is meditation. The first step is to become very watchful of your own body. Be aware about each gesture, each action, each movement. Afterwards, become aware of your thoughts. This will allow you to create an inner peace, a bridge between mind and body. The third step is to become alert of your desires, feelings, emotions and moods.

It is the most difficult from all three steps. Once you reached awareness in these three steps, the fourth and last one can take place. It is to become aware of your own awareness.

This is called the ultimate awakening or enlightenment. This would make a real Buddha. Wait very patiently for that moment of stillness. Only total surrender will make you reach that inner stillness. Ego needs challenge, needs results. Some are more advanced than others. You may find these exercises too hard or too long, especially in the beginning. My aim is to give you a general idea about these meditations.

I will briefly name each of them and talk about the underlying principles which I consider to be valuable for you. The vocal guidance will help you to start off easily and expand into other, more advanced meditation exercises in the long term. How can you turn these actions into meditation? A major problem people have is that their brains work on autopilot most of the time. However, only by being fully aware of our actions, can we become meditative. We can actually be aware and enjoy our actions.

So only if you keep alert, any activity can be meditation. It is time to drop all prejudices you had about meditation. For those who thought that meditation was just sitting underneath a tree in a yoga posture, you are wrong. Anything can be meditation. Even sports. Running, jogging, swimming: they can all be a meditation. The secret here is to learn to melt your mind, body and soul. Totally lose yourself in it. Become one with the activity. Remember that the movement used in sports creates awareness.

If the activity becomes automatized and you lose that awareness, stop it and try something new. OSHO claims that our society is organized in such a way that people create an ego , from the beginning of their lives.

The examples are limitless. Most youngsters start their journey with these ideas. The ego goes on bigger and bigger as he or she succeeds. Among OSHO, ego is the greatest disease that can happen to man. If the ego is too big, it prevents you from moving on. If the ego is too small, it becomes a wound and by creating an inferiority complex, it prevents you from moving on as well. In either way, ego will provoke problems. Ego means possessiveness , — me, mine, I — dominate your spoken language.

Ego means division. OSHO argues that our universe is one. It is a unity. Nothing is divided. Everything is connected with everything else. You are connected with the earth, the trees, the people around you, with everything. The more you feel this connectedness, the more the whole existence is part of you.

The reality is a unity and with the idea of me and you we are falling out of reality. It will find problem after problem after problem. Meditation makes you realize that the ego is unreal.

It is completely false. It is not your real center. And out of all these things, people create a false image about themselves, a false identity. Because only YOU can look into yourself. Only YOU know who you are. Your inner reality is not available to anybody else, except YOU. Sometimes, sit silently and think who you are. Many ideas will arise. Find the source of these ideas. Find out who you are. Meditation will allow you to do that. Your mind automatically transforms everything around you, every experience into words.

These words can create a barrier. They create a barrier between consciousness and existence. OSHO recommends to be very aware of your constant verbalizing and to be able to stop it. Just try to see things; do not verbalize. Try to be aware of the presence of things without labelling them with words.

Let things be without language. Meditative growth can only happen if you stop verbalizing. Meditation means living without words. Meditation is the communion between consciousness and existence. Just watch it.

Be a witness. Look deep at it with love, with deep respect. OSHO argues that there is nothing wrong with the mind itself. So just watch it from a distance and enjoy it.

Let thoughts come and go, let them move in full freedom. The more you are able to watch them, the more silent you will become. And with practice, these glimpses will become longer and longer until you become a master.

Download PDF. Introduction A lot of people think that meditation is this crazy and though spiritual experience, sitting in a monk pose and not being able to breath. Meditation will help you grow in sensitivity. Sensitivity to things, actions, people, feelings. And this sensitivity will bring love. By meditating deeply, love will be brought to you, like a new quality to your being. You always want a love that comes from meditation, not from the mind.

Meditation will bring you joy. A joy that is there for no reason.

Meditation The First And Last Freedom Osho PDF

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A lot of people think that meditation is this crazy and though spiritual experience, sitting in a monk pose and not being able to breath. Well, this is exactly what it is NOT. In one word: Being. Not doing, not thinking, just being. Watcher of what? Of your thoughts and your bodily actions. Become aware of them.

This book caters all the need to answer Questions which comes in the Exam. Blog Templates by General. It started with printed publications, but now they host a huge section of free digital books on technology, computers, hardware and IT industry. Download and read free e-books at OnRead. Alternatively, this book can be used in a second ICT in education course for preservice and. All ebooks and free book samplers are available in PDF format. It provides an objective, in-depth practice platform to the students preparing for various Olympiad examinations.

जे. कृष्णमूर्ति की पुस्तक प्रथम और अंतिम मुक्ति।.

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Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast.

Viduthalai – thuvakkavum mudivum-First & Last Freedom-I

Это имя так просто превращается в Танкадо. И лучшие в мире специалисты-криптографы этого не поняли, прошли мимо, на что он и рассчитывал. - Танкадо посмеялся над нами, - сказал Стратмор. - Вы должны отключить ТРАНСТЕКСТ, - напомнила Сьюзан. Стратмор отсутствующе смотрел на стену. - Коммандер.

Двухцветный утвердительно кивнул, убежденный, что честность - лучшая политика. Разумеется, это оказалось ошибкой. В следующую секунду, со сломанными шейными позвонками, он сполз на пол. ГЛАВА 61 Джабба лежал на спине, верхняя часть туловища скрывалась под разобранным компьютером.

У нас очень строгие правила относительно контактов клиента и сопровождающего. - Но… - Вы спутали нас с кем-то другим. У нас всего две рыженькие, Иммакулада и Росио, и ни та ни другая не станут ни с кем спать за деньги. Потому что это проституция, а она в Испании строжайше запрещена. Доброй ночи, сэр. - Но… Послышался щелчок положенной на рычаг трубки.

 - Ты отлично понимаешь, что это за собой влечет - полный доступ АНБ к любой информации.  - Сирена заглушала его слова, но Хейл старался ее перекричать.  - Ты считаешь, что мы готовы взять на себя такую ответственность. Ты считаешь, что кто-нибудь готов.

У нас осталось всего восемь минут. Мы ищем число, а не произвольный набор букв. - Четыре умножить на шестнадцать, - спокойно сказал Дэвид.  - Вспомни арифметику, Сьюзан. Сьюзан посмотрела на Беккера, наблюдавшего за ней с экрана.

Рядом с ним кого-то рвало. Хорошенькая картинка. Беккер застонал и начал выбираться из расписанного краской из баллончиков зала.

 Нет. Это был шантаж. Все встало на свои места.

Нуматака высоко поднял брови. - Позвоните, как только узнаете номер. ГЛАВА 72 В погруженной во тьму шифровалке Сьюзан Флетчер осторожно пробиралась к платформе кабинета Стратмора. Только туда ей и оставалось идти в наглухо запертом помещении. Поднявшись по ступенькам, она обнаружила, что дверь в кабинет шефа открыта, поскольку электронный замок без электропитания бесполезен.

 О, Дэвид… у меня нет слов. - Скажи. Она отвернулась. Дэвид терпеливо ждал.

Новый порядок букв показался не более вразумительным, чем оригинал. P F Е Е S Е S N R Е Т М Р F Н А I R W E О О 1 G М Е Е N N R М А Е N Е Т S Н А S D С N S I 1 А А I Е Е R В R N К S В L Е L О D 1 - Ясно как в полночь в подвале, - простонал Джабба. - Мисс Флетчер, - потребовал Фонтейн, - объяснитесь. Все глаза обратились к. Сьюзан внимательно вглядывалась в буквы.

Алгоритм создает шифр, который кажется абсолютно стойким, а ТРАНСТЕКСТ перебирает все варианты, пока не находит ключ. Стратмор ответил ей тоном учителя, терпеливого и умеющего держать себя в руках: - Да, Сьюзан, ТРАНСТЕКСТ всегда найдет шифр, каким бы длинным он ни .

И на пейджер. - На пейджер, - повторил Джабба.  - Я думал, что… - Ладно, не в этом. В главном банке данных происходит нечто странное.

 Если честно… - Он вытянул шею и подвигал головой влево и вправо.  - Мне не помешала бы еще одна подушка, если вас это не затруднит. - Нисколько.  - Беккер взял подушку с соседней койки и помог Клушару устроиться поудобнее. Старик умиротворенно вздохнул.

Она пыталась не думать о Дэвиде, но безуспешно. С каждым завыванием сирены слова Хейла эхом отдавались в ее мозгу: Я сожалею о Дэвиде Беккере. Сьюзан казалось, что она сходит с ума.

Покажите мне. Чатрукьян заколебался. - Я не могу.


Lutgarda M.

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In this book Lala Lajpat Rai analyze economic effects of British Rules in India taking an impartial view of the subject.


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In ancient times, people from all over the world were keen to come to India.



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