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Canonical Correlation Analysis

Advances in treatment options of breast cancer and development of cancer research centers have necessitated the collection of many variables about breast cancer patients. Detection of important variables as predictors and outcomes among them, without applying an appropriate statistical method is a very challenging task. Because of recurrent nature of breast cancer occurring in different time intervals, there are usually more than one variable in the outcome set. For the prevention of this problem that causes multicollinearity, a statistical method named canonical correlation analysis CCA is a good solution. The purpose of this study was to analyze the data related to breast cancer recurrence of Iranian females using the CCA method to determine important risk factors.

Canonical correlation analysis is used to identify and measure the associations among two sets of variables. Canonical correlation is appropriate in the same situations where multiple regression would be, but where are there are multiple intercorrelated outcome variables. Canonical correlation analysis determines a set of canonical variates, orthogonal linear combinations of the variables within each set that best explain the variability both within and between sets. Please Note: The purpose of this page is to show how to use various data analysis commands. It does not cover all aspects of the research process which researchers are expected to do. In particular, it does not cover data cleaning and checking, verification of assumptions, model diagnostics and potential follow-up analyses. Example 1.

Canonical correlation analysis CCA is a multivariate statistical method that analyzes the relationship between two sets of variables, in which each set contains at least two variables. It is the most general type of the general linear model, with multiple regression, multiple analysis of variance, analysis of variance, and discriminant function analysis all being special cases of CCA. Although the method has been available for more than 70 years, its use has been somewhat limited until fairly recently due to its lack of inclusion in common statistical programs and its rather labor-intensive calculations. Currently, however, many computer programs do include CCA, and thus the method has become somewhat more widely used. This entry begins by explaining the basic logic of and defining important terms associated with CCA. Show page numbers Download PDF.

Canonical Correlation Analysis: A Step-by-Step Example in Commonly Available Software

Metrics details. A common approach in exploring register data is to find relationships between outcomes and predictors by using multiple regression analysis MRA. If there is more than one outcome variable, the analysis must then be repeated, and the results combined in some arbitrary fashion. One essential outcome after breast cancer treatment is recurrence of the disease. It is important to understand the relationship between different predictors and recurrence, including the time interval until recurrence. This study describes the application of CCA to find important predictors for two different outcomes for breast cancer patients, loco-regional recurrence and occurrence of distant metastasis and to decrease the number of variables in the sets of predictors and outcomes without decreasing the predictive strength of the model. Data for malignant breast cancer patients admitted in the south-east region of Sweden were analyzed.

This analysis was conducted to explore the association between 5 birth size measurements weight, length and head, chest and mid-upper arm [MUAC] circumferences as dependent variables and 10 maternal factors as independent variables using canonical correlation analysis CCA. CCA considers simultaneously sets of dependent and independent variables and, thus, generates a substantially reduced type 1 error. The first canonical correlation was 0. A significant interaction between infant sex and preterm delivery on birth size was also revealed from the score plot. Given an ability to accommodate numerous relationships and reduce complexities of multiple comparisons, CCA identified the 5 maternal variables able to predict birth size in this rural Bangladesh setting. CCA may offer an efficient, practical and inclusive approach to assessing the association between two sets of variables, addressing the innate complexity of interactions.

Canonical Correlation Analysis | Stata Data Analysis Examples

Canonical correlation analysis of the characteristics of charcoal from Qualea parviflora Mart. This study aimed to examine the relationships between the characteristics of charcoal from Qualea parviflora Mart. Five trees were analyzed in such way that 5-cm thick discs were removed from each tree at the base, DBH 1. The wood was carbonized in a muffle furnace at a heating rate of 1.

In statistics , canonical-correlation analysis CCA , also called canonical variates analysis , is a way of inferring information from cross-covariance matrices. Knapp notes that "virtually all of the commonly encountered parametric tests of significance can be treated as special cases of canonical-correlation analysis, which is the general procedure for investigating the relationships between two sets of variables. Then one seeks vectors maximizing the same correlation subject to the constraint that they are to be uncorrelated with the first pair of canonical variables; this gives the second pair of canonical variables. The parameter to maximize is. The first step is to define a change of basis and define.

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Multi-group analysis using generalized additive kernel canonical correlation analysis

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Use the split-sample and jackknife procedures to validate a given set of canonical The major interpretation problem with canonical correlation analysis is.

Examples of canonical correlation analysis

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Canonical correlation

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PDF | Canonical correlation analysis has been increasingly applied to Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms.


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Canonical correlation analysis is used to identify and measure the associations among two sets of variables.


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Nevertheless, some researchers continue to use univariate statistical analyses (​i.e., one dependent variable), such as multiple regression and ANOVA, to analyze.


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