executive incentives and the horizon problem an empirical investigation pdf

Executive Incentives And The Horizon Problem An Empirical Investigation Pdf

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate factors affecting budget implementation among local governments in Indonesia, where rules are relatively strict and risks of facing corruption charges are high. This study finds that the level of budget implementation is affected by the leadership factors i. The level of budget implementation is relatively lower when the mayor is in the second term, is in the early years of the five-year tenure and is over 60 years old.

Accounting measures such as levels and changes in residual earnings are widely used for performance evaluation and executive compensation Healy, Quite often, these compensation contracts are of the linear form. In a multiperiod agency setting with hidden actions, where the agent's effort influences the random evolution of a general model of residual earnings, we show that linear compensation contracts based on weighted sum of the levels and changes of residual earnings are indeed optimal.

Accounting Earnings Processes, Inter-temporal Incentives and Their Implications for Valuation

Masters thesis, Concordia University. We aim to expose the risk and benefit of firms to investors, when top managers occupy a stable position in a long period. Previous research on agency costs and information risk Antia et al. Five measures of accruals quality are used in this paper to measure information risk, which is the likelihood of the poor quality of disclosed firm-specific information. The results are not consistent with the previous research regarding CEO tenure and firm performance.

Data correspond to usage on the plateform after The current usage metrics is available hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days. Open Access. Hepworth, R. Smoothing periodic income.

Executive incentives and the horizon problem: An empirical investigation

This study explores a relatively new source of Australian executive pay information disclosed in published Annual Reports since It offers not only a different source from which to compare the results of US studies, but also an extension of the studies through the additional Australian disclosure requirements. The first section of the paper examines four possible determinants of Australian executive remuneration, accounting rates of return, firm size, industry and executive control through share holding. In the second part of the paper we used the data to analyse whether the structure of pay in Australian companies is consistent with a particular hypothesis derived from tournament theory. Evans, R.

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Earnings Management: A Comparative Literature Review between China and Thailand

Buyl, C. Boone, W. Hendriks, and P. DOI :

Shareholders delegate daily operation to their agents with the assumption that they would work totally for their benefit. However, individual efforts of agents are not directly observable by the principal shareholders. To align the interests of agents and those of shareholders, compensation schemes are based on either market or accounting measures or a combination of the two. This paper, using longitudinal data of listed Turkish firms over the years of to , found that total compensation amount paid to executives and directors is sensitive to both accounting and market measures. It is revealed that current year net profit and lagged total shareholder value created played important role in the determination of compensation level of executives.

This paper attempts to offer a comprehensive overview of earnings management in China and Thailand. Towards that end, 99 articles examining earnings management that used the data in China and Thailand, and published between and , were reviewed.

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Tyler F.

Executive compensation, management turnover, and firm performance: An empirical investigation. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 7 (), pp. ​


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