portfolio analysis advanced topics in performance measurement risk and attribution pdf

Portfolio Analysis Advanced Topics In Performance Measurement Risk And Attribution Pdf

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Portfolio Analysis: Advanced topics in performance measurement, risk and attribution Risk Books,

Performance Attribution Pdf. Is it possible to define the measurement points within the analysis model that are relevant to the investment process? Do the models cover the desired range of instruments. Evaluate relative and absolute performance.

Performance attribution

Welcome to IPE. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. By David White February Magazine. It is based in Toronto, and has more than clients in 26 countries. Products: The company focuses on implementing risk management software for enterprises. Its enterprise risk management software Algo Suite, provides a platform for a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions based on an integrated, scalable and powerful architecture.

By calculating the optimal risk and reward trade-off across the enterprise. At the heart of Algo Suite is Mark-to-Future, which allows market, credit, asset liability and operational risk to be integrated within a common enterprise- wide frame-work. It is a framework that links disparate sources of risk and provides a means for calculating the risk-reward trade-off within a single, unified framework.

By explicitly incorporating the passage of time, the evolution of scenarios, and the dynamics of multiple portfolio holdings over time, Mark-to-Future provides a flexible and unifying platform for managing future risk, which supports a wide range of advanced analytical tools and risk measures. New sources of risk, as well as innovations in risk management best practice, can be accommodated, so that financial institutions and regulators are not locked into a particular formulaic approach.

Mark-to-Future defines risk factor scenarios to compute future distributions of value. Because individual risk factors can evolve jointly and arbitrarily over time, Mark-to-Future allows users to capture the relationships between disparate sources of risk, over multiple time steps. For example, many financial disasters, including recent corporate failures, occurred because of the high correlation between market and credit risk in stress periods.

Such occurrences are naturally modelled through scenarios where adverse changes in market conditions trigger adverse changes in credit quality. It was acquired in by State Street Corporation. RiskBook X uses a unified, consistent analytical framework to generate multiple risk measurement results from a single process.

Critical system calculations are enabled as DCOM processes, allowing them to be both parallel-processed and scripted for automatic, unattended operation. All server processes can be distributed and centralised. The distributed processing capabilities enable instant scalability for computationally intensive tasks, such as large-scale simulations. Multiple project tasks can be accomplished concurrently because the system is constructed of component applications.

RiskBook X uses object-oriented technology to achieve functional enhancements. Using standard APIs, it can accommodate client-selected components. As a collection of component applications, the creation of risk measurements can be distinct from the usage of risk analysis. RiskBook X uses risk management techniques that include simulation with historical, stochastic and deterministic scenarios to handle a broad range of financial risk measurement requirements, inclu-ding valuation, positions, market risk, credit risk, asset and liability risk, stress testing and Value at Risk VaR back-testing.

TruView, based on RiskBook technology, provides flexibility of analysis and integration across portfolios, complete product coverage and state-of-the-art Internet reporting. It models normal market behaviour as well as fat tails and other extreme events. TruView takes advantage of internet-based technologies to perform sophisticated analyses with the detail required for risk manage-ment decision-making.

It is based in Berkeley, California and has over 1, clients in 30 countries. Products: The Barra product suite is divided into portfolio and enterprise risk management products.

The Barra Aegis System analyses the components of equity portfolio risk and exposure to multiple factors that affect stock price movements. The Barra Cosmos System enables users to implement bond, derivative and currency strategies within complex, multi-currency, global fixed-income portfolios.

BarraOne pro-vides flexible risk reporting, sophisticated trade scenarios and detailed, customised breakdown of risk exposure in a familiar browser interface with no software install-ation or maintenance required. Barra Risk Factor Analysis provides brokers, investment advisers and online brokerages with a tool to compare individual stocks to the broad market or to peers in the same sector or industry using a proven and objective standard of risk analysis.

The new Barra Integrated Model, a model for forecasting global risk, was launched last October. The model spans equity and fixed income instruments and enables investment managers, for the first time, to access and analyse risk at a granular local market level and across the global investment un-iverse using a single, multi-asset class risk model.

GlobeOp Risk Services offers risk analysis and reporting services to the hedge fund industry. GlobeOp Risk Services are bespoke and fully flexible, and focus on data acquisition and reconciliation, modelling of any financial assets and relative value strategies under any distribution assumption, reporting and delivery channel. Services: Data collection and recon-ciliation, including trade-by-trade position data collected from prime brokers and counterparties , security master data, and price data as used to compute net asset value NAV ; historical data management of all relevant data.

Measurisk provides pension plans with a service specifically designed for a multi-asset class, multi-cur-rency portfolio. All the analysis is done at a security level to provide the most accurate assess-ment of current risk.

For managers, risk is calculated both in isolation as well as versus a major benchmark. It allows clients to dynamically calculate risk and generate customised reporting. RiskUniverse, a joint offering by Measurisk and Russell Mellon Analytical Services, provides a web-based service to evaluate risk for Russell manager universes and equity index benchmarks. Risk and return is reported relative to market benchmarks and for style-based manager universes.

OpVision, developed in con-junction with KPMG, is a qualitative, self-assessment frame-work with quantitative scoring parameters to facilitate the iden-tification and management of opera-tional risk. It measures op-erational risk via a self-assessment question-naire with a quantitative self-scoring mechanism and interactive feedback delivery. Products: RiskHedge, introduced in , is a risk management engine for the hedge fund market.

It is capable of handling a wide range of asset classes and trade structures as well as offering reporting custom-isation. It allows strategy and exposure, value at risk, strategy, country and sector risk and perfor-mance attribution, all to be monitored.

The application allows users to design, manipulate and analyse information in a flexible fashion. Adep is a pricing system that understands and analyses the description of any financial product and instantly provides its value and risk management parameters. SLStudio is a set of analysis, pricing and trading tools providing securities lending players with fair value pricing for risk arbitrage and convertible arbitrage trading. The core financial risk engine is based on an advanced form of the well known historical-simulation model.

One of the major innovations of RiskMap is that the pricing of the complex financial products is based an innovative international project, Quantlib. QuantLib is an open-source free financial library that many people use and develop.

The aim of QuantLib is to become the standard in financial modelling for the years to come. Products: BankMap is the product for banks and fund management companies. The system is installed locally at the bank and obtains preprocessed data from RiskMap through the internet.

This solution grants data security. BankMap covers many financial products together with a range of over-the-counter products. Once integrated with an existing third-party data-warehouses, BankMap allows an immediate access to an effective risk management. InvestorMap is for professional asset managers. This product is already integrated into the well-established portfolio-management solutions of our partner software houses. The advantage for the final users is that they have a ready-to-use risk management module, integrated with portfolio data and with the portfolio management solution that they normally use.

R-Online is the solution for private investors. It is marketed to financial institutions on the benefit of their financial advisors and retail clients. This solution offers, together with the risk management module, a financial planning module with fast portfolio optimisation functions. Via G. Products: RiskManager helps pension fund managers who actively manage their investment portfolio. It is a ready-built system that delivers RiskServer technology with a front-end interface that offers real-time interactive reports and graphs, what-if generation, and interactive drilldown analysis.

Combined with the DataMetrics data service, which provides daily data on the full range of global market risk factors - in all, over , time series across multiple asset types — designed to provide a complete picture of risk.

RiskManager helps manage risk across the entire fund — across asset classes and markets or by individual portfolios against their respective benchmarks. This gives investment officers the ability to manage risk and performance from bottom-up, starting from the individual security to the entire fund.

PensionMetrics is a risk management tool specifically designed for the longer time horizons needed by pension fund managers.

The short-term horizon of traditional VaR is extended by our new PensionMetrics metho-dology to a strategic time horizon three months to one year.

It allows pension funds to answer questions such as: How much risk is the manager taking? How much risk is contributed by the indices? What are the chances that the plan will be underfunded next year? CreditManager and CDOManager have been designed for pension funds with large fixed income portfolios. It offers Web-enabled solutions for achieving straight-through processing, and for managing market, credit and operational risk.

Products: Panorama is a real-time, straight-through trading, portfolio analysis, risk management and processing solution. For hedge funds and asset managers, Panorama provides cross-asset trading tools that streamline trading performance and support high volumes. Infinity is a complete trading and risk management solution with integrated support for credit derivatives. The solution provides a performance driven distributed processing environment to support high volume trading and integrated market and credit risk management.

Kronos Risk is a next generation solution for real-time risk management. The combination of performance, usability and extensibility makes it possible to deliver real-time risk analyses to traders and managers. SunGard Collateral is a structured, step-by-step approach to building a collateral management function.

It provides a full perspective on collateral management by incorporating core operational and technology considerations as well as vital related aspects such as credit risk management, capital allocation, crisis management and risk control. Credient brings together global credit exposure aggregation and limits management, credit risk analytics, collateral management and web-based communications within one global ASP framework.

Opus is a credit derivative and interest rate derivative trading and risk management solution. It supports a range of structured products, credit linked, interest rate, and FX derivatives, including over 35 types of credit derivative and securitised instruments.

It facilitates the management of complex deals, curve customisation, credit exposure management and risk evaluation. Software applications analyse equity and fixed income portfolios, and offer tools to assist in the portfolio management process.

Products: The Wilshire Abacus is a comprehensive multi-currency performance measurement system. It fulfills all internal and external reporting requirements from the back office to the front office and for all levels of performance data including analysis and attribution. Abacus meets industry performance reporting standards and has a custom report writer with flexible graphics.

The Wilshire Atlas provides an integrated collection of tools to manage global equity portfolios for active strategies.

Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis

The world of portfolio management has expanded greatly over the past three decades, and along with it, so have the theoretical tools necessary to appropriately service the needs of both private wealth and institutional clients. While the foundations of modern finance emerged during the s and asset pricing models were developed in a portfolio context in the s, portfolio management has now expanded into more complex models. Further, the traditional assumption of rational investor behavior with decisions made on the basis of statistical distributions has expanded to consider behavioral at Further, the traditional assumption of rational investor behavior with decisions made on the basis of statistical distributions has expanded to consider behavioral attributes of clients as well as goals-based strategies. Performance assessment has taken on greater importance since the s.

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Advanced Topics in Performance Measurement,. Risk and Attribution. Edited by Timothy P. Ryan. Portfolio. Analysis. Drawing upon the experience of key global.

Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis

Reconciling Brinson with Markowitz and making sense of the debate about the relative importance of allocation and selection Evaluating pure selection decisions Conditional attribution effects The seminar will be held in an attractive destination in the very heart of Europe. The seminar will also be held globally online on the same days as the in-class event. Lecturer Andreas Steiner.

Performance attribution, or investment performance attribution is a set of techniques that performance analysts use to explain why a portfolio 's performance differed from the benchmark. This difference between the portfolio return and the benchmark return is known as the active return. The active return is the component of a portfolio's performance that arises from the fact that the portfolio is actively managed. Different kinds of performance attribution provide different ways of explaining the active return. Attribution analysis attempts to distinguish which of the two factors of portfolio performance, superior stock selection or superior market timing , is the source of the portfolio's overall performance.

Graduate Course Descriptions

Build a Winning Investment Portfolio. Improve your investment strategies with real-world skills, insights, and analytical tools. Get a running start in the high-stakes world of financial investment! This first course is designed to help you become an informed investor by providing you with the essential concepts for long-term success in managing money.

Forsey, San Francisco State University. Stannard, Russell Data Services. Lerit, Chase Manhattan Bank. Wilson, North Carolina State University. Surz, Roxbury Capital Management. Kaplan, Ibbotson Associates. The Journal Interview Michael S.

Welcome to IPE. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. By David White February Magazine. It is based in Toronto, and has more than clients in 26 countries. Products: The company focuses on implementing risk management software for enterprises.

Portfolio Analysis: Advanced Topics in Performance Measurement, Risk and Attribution [Timothy P. Ryan] on northcornwallnt.org *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Performance Attribution Pdf

H. Kent Baker and Greg Filbeck

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Expands on existing and dated introductory texts and fast-tracks your skills to the level needed to practice performance measurement in the real and increasingly complex world.


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PORTFOLIO RISK 9 Life-cycle Funds: Portfolio Construction Rebalancing and Performance and Risk Measurement Dan DiBartolomeo, Northfield Information.


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Brochure More information from Portfolio Analysis: Advanced Topics in Performance Measurement, Risk and Attribution Description: Drawing upon the.


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