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In Standard SAP theres no posting reference for MTN Material Transfer Note through user exit we can develop a Program to copy sender document no in the posted document text field based on this New report can be developed. If in any error, only the message no.

SAP training was available in India for a decade.

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SAP MM Interview Questions & Answer 2017

Post a comment. What may planned orders be converted to and how is that conversion accomplished? Planned orders are always created when the system creates an internal procurement proposal. The next step for a planned order is to be converted to a PR so it goes to purchasing and is to eventually become a PO. A planned order can be converted to a PR using transaction code MD The Purchasing Organization is the legally responsibly group for external transactions. This group is further subdivided into Purchasing Groups.

What are the different ways to organize purchasing organizations? This would enable procurement for every company code as long as buyers are acting for an individual Plant, and that Plant is assigned to the Purchasing Organization.

Hence, a plant may be assigned to more than one Purchasing Organization. Special Stocks are stocks that are accounted for but are not owned by the client, or are not stored at a regular facility. Consignment, sales order, and project stock are examples. What are some of the options available to transfer materials from one plant to another? Although it is possible to transfer materials from one plant to another without a Stock Transport Order, many advantages are lost including entering a vendor number, planning a goods receipt in the receiving plant, monitoring process from PO history, and the ability to create STO directly from a MRP PR.

One step transfers of materials can be posted using MT What is the difference between a Purchase Order and a Purchase Requisition? A Purchase Requisition is a document type that gives notification of a need for materials or services. A Purchase Order is a document type that is a formal request for materials or services from an outside vendor or plant. Procurement types may be defined at the line item and can be standard, subcontracting, consignment, stock transfer, or an external service.

A RFQ is a purchasing document and an invitation to a vender s for quotation regarding needed materials or services. If multiple an RFQ is sent to multiple vendors, the system can automatically determine the best quote and send rejection letters in response to all others. What are the transactions that will result in a change of stock? A Goods Receipt is a posting acknowledging the arrival of materials from a vendor or production, which results in an increase in warehouse stock, a Goods Issue which results in a reduction in stock, or a Stock Transfer moving materials from one location to another.

When would it be prudent to post goods movements via the Shipping Application? If picking, packing, and transportation operations need to be planned in detail. Also, in shipping, you can manage movements like returns from customers, vendors, and returns to stock. Movement Types in shipping start with a 6. What is a Reservation? A Reservation is a document used to make sure that the warehouse keeps a certain amount of a material or materials ready for transfer at a later date.

It contains information on what, quantity, when, where from and to. A Purchase Requisition cannot be created with reference to either of these, as they are documents controlled by the purchasing organizations. Requirements can be automatically generated with MRP that reference a Scheduling Agreement if the source list is maintained for item-vendor combination.

How do planned and unplanned consumption affect Movement Types? In a customized Movement Type, you have defined which consumption value gets posted in the movement. Many will always be planned or unplanned, but for some there is a dependency on if the movement references a reservation.

This would be planned consumption. What are Departmental Views? All functional areas of the system use the same material master data. The material master data is defined in individual screens departmental views that can be added as needed.

Thus a material can be created with only basic data and other departments can add other information later as it becomes available. Is Material Data valid for all organizational levels? Control of master data depends largely on how each company sets up its Organizational levels - centralized or decentralized. Some material data is valid for all organizational levels while other data is valid only at certain levels.

Why would you want to create physical inventory sheets to perform an inventory cycle-count on a material or materials?

For a cycle counting procedure, physical inventory documents need to be created. These are used to record inventory levels of the material being cycle counted. Use transaction MICN. Click on the Execute button. This procedure details how to create the physical inventory documents for cycle counting in a batch, rather than one at a time, based on certain criteria.

In general, the Blanket POs are used for consumable materials such as office paper with a short text, with item category B. There need not be a corresponding master record, for the simplicity of the procurement.

The FO, Framework Order, document type is used. Here, the PO validity period as well as the limits are to be mentioned. One need not mention the account assignment category during creation of the PO. It can be U, or unknown and be changed at the time of IR. What is Release Procedure? Release Procedure is approving certain documents like PRs or POs by criteria defined in the configuration.

It is sensible to define separate release procedures for different groups of materials for which different departments are responsible, and to define separate procedures for investment goods and consumption goods. If you have a multi-lineitem PO, can you release the PO item by item? PRs, on the other hand, have two release procedures possible. What is a Material Type?

A Material Type describes the characteristics of a material that are important in regards to Accounting and Inventory Management.

A material is assigned a type when you create the material master record. What is a price comparison? Perform a price comparison using ME49 and one may compare quotations from different vendors. What is a Source List? The Source List identifies preferred sources of supply for certain materials.

The following creates a rough picture of the MM Cycle. Create material, create vendor, assign material to vendor, procure raw material through PR, locate vendor for certain material, processing GR, goods issue, and invoice verification.

Also, there are various Storage Strategies information and options. What are the various features of Consignment Stocks? Consignment Stocks remain the legal property of the Vendor until the organization withdraws the material from the consignment stores. The invoice can be due at set periods of time, for example monthly, and it is also a configuration possibility that the organization will take ownership of the stock after a certain period of time.

When the material is withdrawn, it is valuated at the price of the respective vendor. Before procuring the stock, consideration should be given if one consignment is coming from multiple vendors. If so, we can manage all of them independently at the price of the individual vendors. In the Info Record, we will What is a Quotation?

Once a vendor has received an RFQ, the vendor will send back a quote that will be legally binding for a certain period of time. Specifically, a Quotation is an offer by a vendor to a purchasing organization regarding the supply of material s or performance of service s subject to specified conditions.

What is the Source List? If the Source List has been properly maintained, it will identify both the source of a material and the period of time in which you can order the material from the source. What is an Invoice Verification? The Invoice Verification component completes the material procurement process and allows credit memos to be processed. Invoice Verification includes entering invoices and credit memos that have been received, checking accuracy of invoices with respect to price and arithmetic, and checking block invoices these are the ones which differ too much from the original PO.

What are the different types of Invoice Verification? Invoices based on Purchase Orders. With purchase-order-based Invoice Verification, all of the items of a purchase order can be settled together, regardless of whether or not an item has been received in several partial deliveries. All of the deliveries are totaled and posted as one item. Invoices based on Goods Receipts. With goodsreceipt- based Invoice Verification, each individual goods receipt is invoiced separately. Invoices without an order reference.

When you park a document or change a parked document, neither substitution nor validation is supported. The system only carries out these functions after you actually post a parked document. Why would an organization need to allow Negative Stocks? Negative Stocks are necessary when Goods Issues are entered necessarily business process reasons prior to the corresponding Goods Receipts and the material is already located physically in the warehouse.

How do you create a movement type? When will movement type numbers be odd? When prompted by a dialog box after an activity, you copy a movement type.

37975614 SAP MM Interview Questions Answers and Explanations

Post a comment. What may planned orders be converted to and how is that conversion accomplished? Planned orders are always created when the system creates an internal procurement proposal. The next step for a planned order is to be converted to a PR so it goes to purchasing and is to eventually become a PO. A planned order can be converted to a PR using transaction code MD The Purchasing Organization is the legally responsibly group for external transactions.

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In Standard SAP theres no posting reference for MTN Material Transfer Note through user exit we can develop a Program to copy sender document no in the posted document text field based on this New report can be developed. If in any error, only the message no. Tell me about the subcontracting cycle. The Po is created with item category L, the goods is transferred to subcontractor by movements. For this movement note no accounting docs take place. When GR is done automatically, movements takes place which take care of the consumption of components from stock.

Top 50 sap mm interview questions and answers for freshers pdf. The top 50 Q&A of this interview suitable for both freshers and experienced to proceed forward.

37975614 SAP MM Interview Questions Answers and Explanations

It is data migration time on your SAP business project. Whether your project is implementation, acquisition, or merger, the goal is pretty much the same: the seamless inbound acquisition of master and transactional data from one or more external data sources while ensuring that this activity has minimal impact on the rest of the business. This is where we attempt to move years of neglected master and transactional data from a loosely structured, anything-goes legacy system into a very tightly integrated and highly structured SAP system.

SAP MM Interview Questions & Answer 2017

Download PDF 1. What are the two authentication modes in SQL Server? There are two authentication modes — Windows Mode Mixed Mode Modes can be changed by selecting the tools menu of SQL Server configuration properties and choose security page.

SAP MM Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf

Below mentioned are links for the same:. As a individual user what you will get, 1 Best in class videos teaching in depth all modules of SAP MM certification 2 SAP MM certification exam help to crack in easily 3 Free online support till you understand all concepts for next one year nobody required till date 4 Support for installation ECC6. All this at unbelievable price of Just. Unit 7: Subsequent Debit. Entry Aids Entry Aids for Vendor Master Record To create vendor master record in easier way, you can use existing vendor as a reference. The system copies some data from the reference as mentioned in copying rules..

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SAP MM Certification Questions, Answers, and Explanations By Jordan Schliem SAP MM INTERVIEW Q&A Post on Apr Each interview question has a question and an answer that is pretty straightforward but when you see the.

37975614 SAP MM Interview Questions Answers and Explanations

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