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MacDougall, D. International Journal of Health Policy and Management , 5 3 ,

Whistleblowing: A Restrictive Definition and Interpretation

Villena, Mauricio G. The role of whistle-blowing as a mechanism for deterring corruption has been conspicuously neglected in the economic literature. This is quite surprising given the increase in legislation aimed at preventing corruption that includes whistle-blowing clauses and the extensive literature on whistle-blowing outside economics. In fact, we know of no formal economic model that deals squarely with the analysis of the role and potential impact of whistleblowing on the persistence of corruption in organizations. Therefore, in an attempt to at least partially fill this gap, we present a theoretical model for approaching the issue, focusing specifically on the role of economic incentives to encourage whistle-blowing behaviour. We model corruption as a social norm of behaviour using elements of evolutionary game theory EGT.

Whistleblowing has been acknowledged as an important contributor to government transparency and the watchdog function of the press. However, there has long been a tension between the U. The relationship between the U. Login Username Password Remember me. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. How to cite item.

This article originally advances the field of organizational whistleblowing by empirically investigating the suitability of the four elements of the fraud diamond as a means to understand the intention to disclose wrongdoing through virtual channels. This article also makes a contribution on the theme of whistleblowing as it relates to customers, an under-studied, however, relevant stakeholder in this field. Unique managerial and academic implications of these research findings are also discussed, extending the layers of knowledge on whistleblowing in organizations. In recent years, the total global economic loss incurred due to fraud and wrongdoing in organizations has increased. Parallelly, the number of whistleblowers who have observed and reported such wrongdoing has also increased. Whistleblowers have also played an important role during the coronavirus pandemic Brown

On the economics of whistle-blowing behavior: the role of incentives

Two controversial incidents of public disclosure of restricted information in recent years - the WikiLeaks release of confidential US State Department cables in , and the leaking of classified National Security Agency documents by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden in — have forced various governments to grapple with a critical question: how, if at all, do acts of whistleblowing that break certain laws fit in a society that adheres to the rule of law? Addressing this question also seems to be the implicit goal of the Public Interest Disclosure Act henceforth referred to as the PID Act , which came to effect in Australia on January 15, In a way, the PID Act exemplifies governmental processes that strive to accommodate whistleblowing in a rule of law based socio-political structure. Apparently, there does not appear to be any problem in positioning whistleblowing per se as an act that potentially strengthens society by disclosing information that is inimical to some basic human rights — the right to privacy, the right to free speech, and the right to information. Both Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have defended their action of publicising classified information on grounds that people have a right to know if their democratically-elected government is engaging in activities that are patently undemocratic.

The purpose of this study is to develop a profile of whistleblowers and to determine whether whistleblowing legislation would encourage those individuals to bring to light some illegal or unethical behaviour that otherwise would remain in the shadows. Having identified whistleblowing correlation, a survey was carried out in Cyprus of actual whistleblowers and could-have-been whistleblowers. Males between 46 and55 years of age, regardless of whether they have dependents or hold senior positions in organizations are significantly more likely to blow the whistle. However, could-have-been whistleblowers did not go ahead because they felt that the authorities would not act on their information. Because of the sensitive nature of the research topic and the fact that only whistleblowers or intended whistleblowers could participate in the study, the sample size is limited as a result. This, in turn, limits both the number of respondents in each category actual and intended as well as constrains the statistical analysis that could be carried out on the data. This study provides a literature review of whistleblowing and reports an original survey against the backdrop of the European Directive.

Whistleblowing has been defined often and in differing ways in the literature. This paper has as its main purposes to clarify the meaning of whistleblowing and to speak for a narrow interpretation of it. A restrictive, general purpose definition is provided which contains six necessary elements: act of disclosure, actor, disclosure subject, target, disclosure recipient, and outcome. Whistleblowing is characterised as a dissenting act of public accusation against an organisation which necessitates being disloyal to that organisation. The definition differs from others in many ways but especially by its emphasis on dissent, by being based on the ethical dilemma of conflicting loyalties, and by the strict way that dilemma is formulated in terms of confidentiality and proprietary rights over information.

This paper has as its main purposes to clarify the meaning of whistleblowing and to speak for a narrow interpretation of it. A restrictive, general purpose definition.

On the economics of whistle-blowing behavior: the role of incentives

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An exploratory empirical study of whistleblowing and whistleblowers

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