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The stakeholder theory is a theory of organizational management and business ethics that accounts for multiple constituencies impacted by business entities like employees, suppliers, local communities, creditors, and others. The stakeholder view of strategy integrates a resource-based view and a market-based view, and adds a socio-political level. One common version of stakeholder theory seeks to define the specific stakeholders of a company the normative theory of stakeholder identification and then examine the conditions under which managers treat these parties as stakeholders the descriptive theory of stakeholder salience.

What Is Stakeholder Theory and How Does It Impact an Organization?

Strategic Management: The theory and practice of strategy in business organizations. Jofre, Sergio. Publication date: Document Version. Publisher's PDF, The power-interest grid: specific, unique and significant stakeholders. Mitchell et al.

Brazilian Scientific Impact Spell. This study has an academic relevance advancing the dissemination of current knowledge in stakeholder theory integrating to the empirical studies. Research implications — The research contribution consists in the elaboration of a panorama of the stakeholder management, presenting the main theoretical and empirical contributions, and the dimensions for future studies perspectives, being: i Creation, co-creation and value distribution; ii cooperation, involvement, and stakeholder engagement; iii Influence of stakeholder management on performance; and iv networks, relationships, and multi-stakeholder influences. Aaltonen, K. International Journal of Project Management, 27 2 , Ackermann, F. Strategic Management of Stakeholders: Theory and Practice.

Such contestability is highly problematic for theory development and empirical testing. The extent of essential contestability, previously unknown, is demonstrated in this paper through a bounded systematic review of different stakeholder theory definitions. As an essentially contested concept, the solution does not lie in a universal stakeholder definition, but in debating the boundaries of stakeholder identification. To this end, this paper presents the first major attempt at sorting, filtering and ordering stakeholder theory and stakeholder definitions to produce a comprehensive, multi-dimensional classification of stakeholder theory. The constructs of the classification model juxtapose existing stakeholder theories and contributions from across the multi-contextual applications of stakeholder theory, thereby providing an invaluable overview of what we know about stakeholder theory in one model. The classification model is then tested with positive results. The paper concludes with a comprehensive discussion of the implications of classification stakeholder theory definitions, which has for future research.

Stakeholder theory

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Donaldson and preston frame stakeholder theory into three distinctions. Theory and practice and sanction options while the lower section illustrates those causalities relating to their bases of in terest. In particular, extremely negative and highly conflicting relations between organizations and stakeholders have been ignored. In short, there is a theory practice divide, or gap english,

Stakeholders: Theory and Practice

Strategic Management: The theory and practice of strategy in ...

This article explores how top management teams can increase the robustness of their strategies by attending to important concepts emerging from the stakeholder literature. Analysis of three themes emanating from this literature leads to the development of a method composed of three techniques which elaborates how stakeholder management concepts can be applied in practice. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Strategic Management of Stakeholders: Theory and Practice.

Stakeholder theory was first described by Dr. We will also look at how individual projects may have an impact on a variety of types of stakeholders. That view is in opposition to the long-held shareholder theory proposed by economist Milton Friedman that in capitalism, the only stakeholders a company should care about are its shareholders - and thus, its bottom line.

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Stakeholder Theory: Impact and Prospects:

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Stakeholder Theory Classification: A Theoretical and Empirical Evaluation of Definitions


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