steel studs and runners astm c 645 spec pdf

Steel Studs And Runners Astm C 645 Spec Pdf

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This section is based on the products of ClarkDietrich Building Systems, which is located at:. Email: request info info clarkdietrich. Web: www. ClarkDietrich Building Systems is the leading manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing and finishing products for commercial and residential construction. ClarkDietrich Building Systems has been growing to meet the continued needs of our customers and we bring with us a long and respected history in the steel framing industry.

Specifying non-structural steel studs for interior walls

Describe method for securing studs and other members to tracks and for boiled, welded and clipped framing connections. Include description of design criteria including. Certificates: Product certificates signed by the manufacturer certifying material compliance with applicable codes, specified performance characteristics and criteria, and physical requirements.

Submit special procedures, perimeter conditions requiring special attention. Shop Drawings: Provide plan, section, elevation, and perspective drawings as required to note the following:. Framing components may be preassembled into panels prior to erecting. Prefabricate panels so they are square, with components attached in a manner which prevents racking and minimizes distortion during lifting and transport.

Fabrication Instructions: Cut all framing components square fro attachment to perpendicular members or as required for an angular fit against abutting members. Plumb, align and securely attach studs to flanges of both upper and lower runners, except that in the case of interior, non-load bearing walls where studs need to be attached to upper and lower runners. In all doubled jamb studs and doubled headers not accessible to insulation contractors, provide insulation equal to that specified elsewhere.

Splices in members other than top and bottom runner track are not permitted. Provide temporary bracing where required, until erection is complete.

Handling and lifting of pre-fabricated panels shall be done in a manner so as not to cause distortion in any manner. Framing Installation: Install framing components plumb, level and square, in strict accordance with approved drawings. Align floor and ceiling trakcs; locate to layout and securely anchor to the supporting structure.

Align and plumb studs, and securely attach both upper and lower track legs to the flanges of the stud with approved fastener. Install jack studs or cripples below window sills, above door and window headers and elsewhere as required to provide lateral support. AWS D1. Design system to accommodate construction tolerances, deflection of building structural members, and clearance of intended openings. Seismic Loads: Design and size components to withstand seismic loads and sway displacement as calculated in accordance with applicable building code.

Shop Drawings: Show Layout, profiles, product components, anchorages, accessories, and finish colors. Indicated component details including, framed openings, bearing, anchorage, design loading, welds, type and location of fasteners, and accessories or items required of related Work.

Indicate layout of all bearing members and supports including: Studs Floor joists Ceiling joists Roof joists Floor trusses Roof trusses. Engineers analysis depicting member stresses and deflection Truss member sizes, gauges and connections at truss joints Truss support reactions Top Chord, bottom chord and web bracing requirements. Non-load bearing non-structural cold-formed steel members shall have a minimum protective coating equal to G galvanized finish and shall conform to ASTM C All structural framing accessories shall be formed from steel having minimum yield strength of 33 ksi with minimum protective coating equal to G galvanized finish.

Verify bearing elevations supporting members are correct before framing materials are installed. Select fasteners of adequate type, number, and quality to perform intended functions. Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. Installation constitutes acceptance of existing conditions and responsibility for satisfactory performance.

Verify that rough-in utilities and chases that will penetrate plane of trusses are in correct locations and do not interfere with truss, bracing, or bridging placement. Set framing system plumb, square, aligned, without twist at correct elevation. Wall Framing: Install, bridge, and brace load-bearing structural walls in accordance with the approved shop drawings. Cold-formed structural framing may be shop or field fabricated into panelized wall assemblies, prior to erection, or stick built in the field.

Provide temporary bracing to hold walls straight and plumb and in safe condition until permanent bracing has been installed.

Stud size and spacing shall be in accordance with the approved shop drawings. Fasten wall framing members by screws, power actuated fasteners, welding, or a combination of methods in accordance with the approved shop drawings.

Fabricate, handle and erect members and assemblies in a manner to prevent damage or distortion of the framing. Cut ends of framing members squarely by shearing or sawing. Install plumb, square, true to line and securely fastened. Construct corners using minimum three studs.

Provide double stud wall openings at door jambs, and window jambs where indicated on shop drawings. Erect load bearing studs one piece full length. Splicing of studs or cutting of flange or lips is not permitted. Track shall have web contact with with a uniform and level bearing surface and securely anchored with fasteners, sized and spaced in accordance with the approved connection details.

Erect load bearing studs, brace, and reinforce to develop full strength, to achieve design requirements. Align load bearing studs with joists or trusses or use a load distribution member to transfer loads to other structural components or foundations.

Provide slip connections where required allowing for vertical movements of the structure without imposing vertical loads on the wall framing. Coordinate placement of insulation in multiple stud spaces after erection. Provide suitable insulation where wall framing assemblies will form voids, that will not be accessible after completion of framing.

Install intermediate studs above and below openings to align with wall stud spacing. Provide structural framing shear walls where indicated or required in accordance with the shop drawings.

Attach strapping or blocking to studs for attachment of fixtures anchored to walls. Install framing between studs for attachment of mechanical and electrical items, and to prevent stud rotation. Shaftwall Framing minimum design lateral load is typically PSF. Design framing system to accommodate deflection of primary building structure and construction tolerances. Design exterior non-load-bearing curtain wall framing to accommodate lateral deflection without regard to contribution of sheathing materials.

Preparation instructions and recommendations. Storage and handling requirements and recommendations. Installation Methods. Size, spacing and location of framing members, wall framing sections and opening elevations. Framing member fastening requirements: Show connection details with screw types and locations, weld lengths and locations and other fastener requirements.

Details of vertical deflection connections to structures. Structural bracing location and spacing. Verification Samples: For each finish product specified, two samples representing each product specified.

Framing elements manufactured from galvanized steel ranging from mills 25GaGa thickness must be manufactured from 33ksi minimum steel. Framing elements manufactured from galvanized steel ranging from mills 16GaGa thickness must be manufactured from 50ksi minimum steel.

Historical Version s - view previous versions of standard. More C This specification covers the minimum requirements for the installation of interior nonstructural steel framing and furring members designed to receive screw-attached gypsum panel products. Details of construction for a specific assembly to achieve the required fire resistance shall be obtained from reports of fire-resistance tests, engineering evaluations, or listings from recognized fire testing laboratories. Each element of the assembly, that is, the studs, runners, rigid furring channels, tie wires, hanger wires, grid suspension systems consisting of the main beam, cross furring members, and rod and flat hangers shall be manufactured in the specified dimensions. Specified installation procedures for the metal framing, which includes the runners, studs, chase wall partitions, rigid furring channels, wall furring-bracket systems, and soffits, are detailed thoroughly.

Standard Specification for Nonstructural Steel Framing Members1 This standard is issued under the fixed designation C ; the number immediately following the designation indicates the year of original adoption or, in the case of revision, the year of last revision. A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. A superscript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense. Terminology 1.

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Section [05 - Metal Fabrications:] [__ ____ - ______:] Steel sheet for C - Standard Specification for Nonstructural Steel Framing Members. 6. identical to those tested in assembly indicated according to ASTM E by an Nonstructural Track: Cold-Formed galvanized steel runner tracks minimum G

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Zoe W.

For non-structural steel studs, there is no requirement for elongation i.


Naara S.

ASTM C Standard Specification for Non-Structural Steel Framing the mandatory physical properties of the steel sheet used to manufacture the studs. ASTM C Standard Specification for Load-Bearing Steel Studs, Runners (​Tracks).


Leonel A.

Conditions and Division 01 Specification Sections, apply to this Section. B. Steel Sheet Components: Comply with ASTM C requirements for metal unless C. Studs and Runners: ASTM C Use either steel studs and runners or.



ASTM C - Standard Specification for Nonstructural Steel Framing Deflection Track: Steel sheet top runner manufactured to prevent cracking of finishes.


Brie G.

Describe method for securing studs and other members to tracks and for boiled, welded and clipped framing connections.


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