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Note: This is the bound book only and does not include access to the Enhanced Pearson eText. In a multi-disciplinary approach—and written by outstanding scholars known for their expertise in the areas they discuss— The Development of Language focuses on language acquisition throughout the lifespan, with new coverage of linguistic achievements in the first year of life and through the middle school years.

Development Of Language - Jean Berko Gleason

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Jean Berko Gleason born is a psycholinguist and professor emerita in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University [1] who has made fundamental contributions to the understanding of language acquisition in children, aphasia , gender differences in language development, and parent—child interactions. Gleason created the Wug Test , in which a child is shown pictures with nonsense names and then prompted to complete statements about them, and used it to demonstrate that even young children possess implicit knowledge of linguistic morphology. Menn and Ratner have written that "Perhaps no innovation other than the invention of the tape recorder has had such an indelible effect on the field of child language research", the "wug" one of the imaginary creatures Gleason drew in creating the Wug Test being "so basic to what [psycholinguists] know and do that increasingly it appears in the popular literature without attribution to its origins. Jean Berko was born to Hungarian immigrant parents in Cleveland, Ohio. I was the person who always understood what he said.


All rights reserved. At his laboratory in Leipzig, he developed an early theory of speech production, and used reaction time and other experimental measures that are still basic to much of psycholinguistic research. Typically, it takes much longer to respond to letters representing rare words than it does to those representing common ones. Studies of this nature have consistently shown that there is a direct relation between the usage frequency of a word and the latency of response to it: the more common the word, the more rapidly it can be accessed. Until the s most psychologists studying language followed learning theories that emphasized serial patterning in behavior. For instance, classical conditioning could be invoked to explain the acquisition of meaning. Ultimately, the word alone evokes a response in the infant that is very similar to the response to the bottle itself.

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AN INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLINGUISTICS. Nan Bernstein Ratner, Jean Berko Gleason, and Bhuvana Narasimhan. 5. 2. Speech production: How people​.


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