assembly and disassembly of single plate clutch pdf

Assembly And Disassembly Of Single Plate Clutch Pdf

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The power transmission system consists of:.

Clutch Pressure Plate – Repair & Replacement

A manually operable clutch assembly-disassembly tool that is utilized with multiple plate, fluid-actuated-type clutches wherein it is necessary to compress a piston return spring so as to permit either the insertion or removal of a snap ring in assembling and disassembling of the clutch, with the tool being affixable to the clutch and having an inner annular member that is axially displaceable, via displacement means, relative to an outer annular member attached to the clutch drum, thereby compressing the piston return spring and permitting insertion or removal of the snap ring. Field Of The Invention. The field of art to which this invention pertains is that of multiple plate fluid-pressure actuated type of clutches used in power-shift transmissions, and, more particularly, to a tool used for compressing piston return springs so as to permit the ready manual insertion or removal of a snap ring that secures the piston return spring retainer cup. Constant-mesh powershift transmissions of the type shown, for example, in prior U. These clutches generally include an internally splined drum affixed to a first rotatable transmission member, an externally splined hub affixed to a second rotatable transmission member and a plurality of interleaved friction plates splined alternately to the hub and drum. The friction plates are confined between an annular end plate and a fluid pressure actuated piston which serves to press the friction plates together, thereby connecting the hub and drum for conjoint rotation in a manner well known in the art. Generally, the piston is biased in the direction away from the friction plates via a piston return spring confined between the piston and an annular spring retainer cup that is secured against axial movement by a snap ring located in a snap ring groove in the first rotatable transmission member.


How Much Does a Clutch Cost? Depending on your vehicle, and the style of driving you do, the cost of replacing your clutch and other components can vary dramatically. Most newer vehicles are fitted with a dual-mass flywheel, which is designed to absorb vibration from the clutch, and provide smoother vehicle operation. The downside is that they can be expensive when it comes time for replacement. Most vehicles purchased these days are selected with automatic transmissions. But most performance models and older vehicles are still using a manual transmission to select gears.

Drain the engine oil and remove the exhaust pipe muffler, side stands and loosen the lock nut and adjusting nut, then disconnect the clutch cable from the clutch lifter arm. Loosen the right crankcase cover bolts 12 nos in a criss-cross pattern in 2 or 3 steps and remove the right crankcase cover bolts, clutch cable. Stay and right crankcase cover. Remove the two dowel pins, gasket. Measure and record the length of drive pin protrusion drive the spring pin into the clutch lifter arm until the pin end is flush with lifter arm surface using the pin driver tool. Remove the clutch lifter arm and dust seal, check the clutch lifter arm for wear or damage, check the return spring for fatigue or damage and replace them if necessary.

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Clutch Maintenance and Repair

Steves Auto Clinic South Africa possess more than 35 years of automotive repair knowledge. As leader in the field of automotive repairs and servicing, we deem ourselves more than qualified to address any clutch related issue. We employ qualified and well-trained mechanics technicians who are willing and ready to assist you with any clutch related issue at our Service Centres countrywide.

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US4092770A - Clutch assembly-disassembly tool - Google Patents

Mechanical Services

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A clutch uses to transmit rotating motion or torque from one shaft to another shaft when requires.


Corey G.

It is a heavy metal plate that is controlled by springs and a lever.


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