prognostic and predictive factors in breast cancer by immunohistochemical analysis pdf

Prognostic And Predictive Factors In Breast Cancer By Immunohistochemical Analysis Pdf

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Recent perspectives of breast cancer prognosis and predictive factors (Review)

Helda Helsingin yliopisto Helsingfors universitet University of Helsinki. Koko arkisto Nykyinen kokoelma. Tarkennettu haku. PlumX data. Lataa tiedosto Jaa. Despite advances in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer, it remains a challenge to identify which patients may experience a poor prognosis or respond poorly to treatment.

Objective: The role of hormone receptors as a prognostic and therapeutic tool in breast cancer is widely accepted. The aim of this study was to the analysis of steroid receptor status in breast cancer with clinic pathological characteristics. Methods: In the present study, immunohistochemical assay of two hundred tumor block of patients of breast carcinoma was performed to know the hormone receptor status as well as histological examination. Results: samples were grouped to study hormonal status and their relation with clinic-pathological factors. The results in the present study documented the


Prognostic factors can be useful for making decisions about which patients should receive adjuvant therapy, and predictive factors can be used to predict response or lack of response to a particular therapy. We review the standard factors that are available today for primary breast cancer, and we describe some of the new, potential prognostic and predictive factors that are currently under investigation. Download to read the full article text. Surg Gynecol Obstet —, Cancer —,

Predictive factors of breast cancer evaluated by immunohistochemistry. Hormone receptor and Her2 protein overexpression evaluated by immunohistochemistry IHC is widely validated as a predictive factor in breast cancer. The quality of the IHC reaction is influenced by tissue fixation and processing. Over- and underfixation deeply affect IHC results. Antigen retrieval may improve IHC but it does not recover tissue from autolysis or overfixation. The choice of primary antibody for IHC as to its sensitivity and specificity in relation to therapeutic response represents an important stage.

Prognostic and predictive factors for breast cancer

Correspondence Address : Dr. Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease and may present with different clinical and biological characteristics. At present, breast cancer is divided into molecular subgroups besides its histopathological classification.

Int Arch Med Microbiol Know the tumor stage of breast cancer and identify the immunohistochemical markers are important in the evaluation of predictive and prognostic factors, in the differential diagnosis of breast lesions and in the determination of the possible origin of metastatic neoplasms, besides helping to define the type of treatment. Cross-sectional and quantitative study of patients diagnosed with breast cancer, submitted to treatment at the Ceara Cancer Institute ICC mastology service from to

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License. Breast cancer is responsible for the highest mortality in women worldwide 1. Breast cancer affects women in both developed and developing countries. The incidence of the disease is higher in developed countries, while the risk of succumbing to the disease is higher in developing countries 2. The difference in incidence between countries is partially explained by variations in the use of hormone replacement therapy and reproductive patterns, such as age at first child, number of children, age at menarche, and nutritional factors 3.

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for breast cancer patients are made on the basis of prognostic and predictive evaluating other factors for clinical use by immunohistochemical techniques, is still controversial, and, like the assessment of hormone receptors, there are.



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