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Insects As Food And Feed From Production To Consumption Pdf

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Alternative protein sources are urgently required as the available land area is not sufficient to satisfy the growing demand for meat. Insects have a high potential of becoming a new sector in the food and feed industry, mainly because of the many environmental benefits when compared to meat production. This will be outlined in the book, as well as the whole process from rearing to marketing.

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Insects' contribution to the bioeconomy and the reduction of food waste

This review summarizes the current trends related to insect as food resources among consumers, industry, and academia. In Western societies, edible insects have a greater potential as animal feed than as human food because of cultural biases associated with harmful insects, although the abundant characteristics of edible insects should benefit human health. Nevertheless, many countries in Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Latin America utilize insects as a major protein source. Using insects can potentially solve problems related to the conventional food-supply chain, including global water, land, and energy deficits. Academic, industry, and government-led efforts have attempted to reduce negative perceptions of insects through developing palatable processing methods, as well as providing descriptions of health benefits and explaining the necessity of reducing reliance on other food sources.

Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

Insects as food or edible insects are insect species used for human consumption, e. Estimates of numbers of edible insect species consumed globally range from 1, to 2, For a list of edible insects consumed locally see: List of edible insects by country. Insects are nutrient efficient compared to other meat sources. Insects such as crickets are a complete protein and contain a useful amount, comparable with protein from soybeans , though less than in casein found in foods such as cheese.

Insects as food and feed: from production to consumption

In tropical zones, insects are a common food item as they are more readily available as food in nature than in other climate zones. However, if we want to promote insects as food and feed, harvesting from nature is not an option and the farming of these animals is required. This can be done in environmentally controlled facilities. Insects are not only nutritionally excellent food; they may also have health benefits. When using organic side streams as substrate, chemical and biological contaminants need to be considered.

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The growing global population and awareness of the unsustainability of livestock production have led consumers, companies, organizations, and governments to consider entomophagy eating insects as a more sustainable option. Minilivestock offers advantages over traditional livestock production: with greater diversity, higher nutritional levels, higher energy efficiency, higher reproductive rates, lower environmental footprint, and lower costs. This article aims to demonstrate how the successful implementation of entomophagy in the West can positively contribute to the bioeconomy. The article does this by exploring entomophagy, presenting novel research on entrepreneurs in insect farming, and introducing food waste as a free, plentiful, and sustainable feed resource for insect farms.

A new book edited by Huis and Tomberlin offers a complete guide to those interested in the industry of rearing insects for animal feed and for human consumption. It is presented as an anthology of peer reviewed articles yet accessibly covers the whole process of insect production - from rearing, facility design and genetics to ethics, marketing and health risks. Fifty-seven percent more meat needs to be produced by to meet growing populations and the increasing consumption of meat per capita. Aquaculture is set to play an increasingly important role in fulfilling this growing demand because the production of terrestrial meat is slowing and fisheries production is static.

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Insects as food


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Prospects of insects as food and feed

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Examples of production systems will be given both from the tropics (palm weevils, grasshoppers, crickets) and from temperate zones (black soldier flies and house​.


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Edible insects are, in general, rich in protein, fat, and energy and can be a significant source of vitamins and minerals. • Insects are a sustainable.


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