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You should be able to quickly draw cyclohexane rings in which the axial and equatorial bonds are readily identifiable and distinguishable.. Up to now we have not described in detail the rotational path of cyclohexane and what is the end result.

Cyclohexanes are most stable in the chair conformation. This requires a ring flip to interconvert between the 2 chair conformations, with some funky boat intermediates. This video walks you through the ring flip and boat conformations both with a model kit as well as how to draw the ring flip and boat on paper. Watch […]. You have to be able to apply the skills you are learning.

Cyclohexane Chair Conformation Stability: Which One Is Lower Energy?

Conformational analysis is a comparatively new area of organic chemistry that has been developed well after the theories of organic reactions, bonding in organic compounds and stereochemistry. It was only in the second half of twentieth century that its importance was fully recognized and its central role with respect to bonding, reactivity and stability of organic compounds was appreciated. Fundamental concepts of conformational analysis, a deeper discussion of the conformational analysis of small and common rings and an introduction into the conformational analysis of medium and large rings are presented at a level suitable for an introductory organic chemistry course. This discussion aims to provide a better understanding of the complex relationship among different types of strain, while also discussing the factors that determine stability of a particular conformation. Finally, the unique nature of each class of cycloalkanes is explored. Configuration of a molecule denotes three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in space.

Conformational analysis of cycloalkanes

In organic chemistry , cyclohexane conformations are any of several three-dimensional shapes adopted by molecules of cyclohexane. Because many compounds feature structurally similar six-membered rings , the structure and dynamics of cyclohexane are important prototypes of a wide range of compounds. Therefore, the cyclohexane ring tends to assume certain non-planar warped conformations , which have all angles closer to The most important shapes are chair , half-chair , boat , and twist-boat. All relative conformational energies are shown below. The chair conformation is the most stable conformer.

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Although the customary line drawings of simple cycloalkanes are geometrical polygons, the actual shape of these compounds in most cases is very different. Cyclopropane is necessarily planar flat , with the carbon atoms at the corners of an equilateral triangle. Cyclopropane also suffers substantial eclipsing strain, since all the carbon-carbon bonds are fully eclipsed.

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