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First things first. I'm afraid this book is an awful con. Lauren Bacall - Betty, to her friends - first published By Myself, her autobiography, in Now she has published it again, with a kind of postscript-cum-second-volume, And Then Some, which is a mere 77 pages long and must have taken all of hours to write. It consists mostly of a list of those friends who have died since she last put pen to paper: Katie Hepburn and Jason Robards, husband number two and dear, dear Johnny Gielgud. Still, it's not all bad news.

Miss Bacall, having lived alone for 25 years, has finally found her 'partner for life', Sophie. I am besotted. But perhaps this is unfair. Why shouldn't she repackage a little? Better that than get too carried away with the Botox. In any case, is a very long time ago when she last signed off, Watergate was still in full swing and Bacall, for all her faults, is a bona-fide screen legend, as Nicole Kidman, with whom she recently starred in Birth, must be all too well aware.

Discovered by Howard Hawks in , Bacall began her career as a studio starlet, fast on the heels of her childhood heroine, Bette Davis. She had cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin. She fell in love with, and married, Humphrey Bogart. He died; she was broken-hearted. So she dated Frank Sinatra, a man we modern girls might call a commitment-phobe, but whom Bacall, who doesn't give two hoots for the psychiatrist's couch, prefers to call a 'a real shit'.

Lonely, she married Jason Robards, a drunk; they split up. Yet amid all this, she managed to make a few good films. Murder on the Orient Express was not one of them. To Have and Have Not, on the other hand, most certainly was. By rights, then, By Myself should be a wonderful read.

Bacall is known for her acid tongue, and this, combined with her quite immense address book, should, you'd imagine, make for some pretty juicy stuff. But open it up and you quickly realise that the diaries of Truman Capote these ain't. In fact, for the duration of her magnum opus, she seems to have put away her beady eyes in some dressing table drawer.

Tedious anecdote, campery, telling detail, or even good old bitchiness, follows tedious anecdote. A name will pop up. A big name. At times, it's as if Mr Pooter himself is caught in the glare of the Klieg lights. Cole Porter, for instance, was a 'fairly small, very neat' man and the food at his house was 'incredibly good, immaculately served'.

Judy Garland was 'a complicated woman Only when on the subject of Bogie does she really get going, and then her adoration for him, cloying as caramel, tends to blur the man himself, so that when he is drunk or feeling neglected, he comes over as pathetic and self-pitying.

For a woman with balls, Bacall is adept at making excuses on his behalf. Her account of his death from lung cancer 11 years into their marriage is affecting for movie stars, they are both admirable stoics , but still one feels there is something missing. She is oddly obsessed with the smell of his room.

The spring cleaning begins quickly. She needs 'a man to talk to' - and what man wants to live with Bogart's furniture?

Bad enough to be in his shadow. Is there self-knowledge here? Bacall has a fondness for hyphens, which she sprinkles, in the manner of hundreds and thousands, over every sentence. The result is breathless, as though her notes and final manuscript have been in some awful mix-up. The chronology is there, but the insight is not. She never laughs at Hollywood, the madness, the corruption and shabby behaviour. She loathes critics - so destructive!

Actors, poor loves, should never be put up against one another in awards. She, of course, is a simple professional, happy to hunker down in her cramped theatre dressing room, panstick in hand, or to audition, even after all these years. This is probably true, if you're a man, or a chat-show host. As a flirt, I bet she's a real gas. But as a memoirist, she's as flat as day-old champagne. Topics Lauren Bacall The Observer. Biography books Film books reviews. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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By Myself and Then Some PDF. Download PDF. Lauren Bacall was barely 20 when she made her Hollywood debut with Humphrey Bogart and became an.

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First things first. I'm afraid this book is an awful con. Lauren Bacall - Betty, to her friends - first published By Myself, her autobiography, in

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By Lauren Bacall.

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