muscle contraction eksantrik and concentric physiology motor unit pdf

Muscle Contraction Eksantrik And Concentric Physiology Motor Unit Pdf

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Eccentric exercise is characterized by initial unfavorable effects such as subcellular muscle damage, pain, reduced fiber excitability, and initial muscle weakness. However, stretch combined with overload, as in eccentric contractions, is an effective stimulus for inducing physiological and neural adaptations to training. Eccentric exercise-induced adaptations include muscle hypertrophy, increased cortical activity, and changes in motor unit behavior, all of which contribute to improved muscle function. In this brief review, neuromuscular adaptations to different forms of exercise are reviewed, the positive training effects of eccentric exercise are presented, and the implications for training are considered. Neuromuscular and functional changes induced by exercise are specific to the mode of exercise performed. The degree of mechanical tension, subcellular damage, and metabolic stress can all play a role in exercise-induced muscle adaptations [ 1 — 5 ]. Of the three types of muscle contractions that can be utilized during exercise concentric, isometric, and eccentric , eccentric exercises are those actions in which the muscle lengthens under tension.

Search All Journals. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of eccentric contraction training ECT and concentric contraction training CCT on the muscle thickness MT , muscle strength MS and delayed onset of muscle soreness DOMS of the lower extremities in persons with chronic stroke. The ECT was performed in a specially designed system of eccentric contraction of both legs and, the CCT was performed using a traditional stepper system for concentric contraction of both legs. Therefore, it is recommended that ECT be used in the rehabilitation of persons with chronic stroke. In exercise physiology, the mechanism of muscle contraction occurs according to the cross-bridge theory based on the sliding filament theory.

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Understanding the detailed control of human locomotion and balance can be improved, when individual motor units can be isolated and their firing rates followed in natural movement of large, fuctionally important muscles. For this reason the present study investigated the motor unit discharge rate MUDR in isometric and dynamic contractions of the soleus muscle. Conclusion: Motor unit discharge properties of a large plantarflexor can be measured in dynamic and maximal contractions. For a given torque output, MUDR is dependent upon contraction type, as set by the major mechanical differences between concentric and eccentric actions. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. It is well known that to produce a certain force requires less motor unit activation in eccentric as compared to concentric action [1].

Low-frequency fatigue at maximal and submaximal muscle contractions R. Baptista 1,2 , E. Scheeren 3,4 , B. Macintosh 5 and M. Skeletal muscle force production following repetitive contractions is preferentially reduced when muscle is evaluated with low-frequency stimulation. This selective impairment in force generation is called low-frequency fatigue LFF and could be dependent on the contraction type.

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When active muscles are stretched, our understanding of muscle function is stretched as well. Our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of concentric contraction has advanced considerably since the advent of the sliding filament theory, whereas mechanisms for increased force production during eccentric contraction are only now becoming clearer. Eccentric contractions play an important role in everyday human movements, including mobility, stability, and muscle strength. This additional filament, the giant titin protein, was identified several decades later, and its roles in muscle contraction are still being discovered. Recent research has demonstrated that, like activation of thin filaments by calcium, titin is also activated in muscle sarcomeres by mechanisms only now being elucidated.

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An eccentric contraction involves the active lengthening of muscle under an external load. The molecular and neural mechanisms underpinning eccentric contractions differ from those of concentric and isometric contractions and remain less understood. A number of molecular theories have been put forth to explain the unexplained observations during eccentric contractions that deviate from the predictions of the established theories of muscle contraction. Postulated mechanisms include a strain-induced modulation of actin-myosin interactions at the level of the cross-bridge, the activation of the structural protein titin, and the winding of titin on actin. Accordingly, neural strategies controlling eccentric contractions also differ with a greater, and possibly distinct, cortical activation observed despite an apparently lower activation at the level of the motor unit.

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Subsequently, the high levels of muscular strain with such exercise can induce muscle damage which is rarely contractions differ from those of concentric and isometric eccentric contractions means fewer motor units are.

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The motor neurons that innervate skeletal muscle fibers are called alpha motor neurons.


QueremГіn V.

CONCLUSIONS. 1. Motor unit activity was recorded with intramuscular fine wire discharge rates as the concentric movement progressed, then de- creased their of Physiology, University of Umea), stored on disk, and analyzed off-line.


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