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An electromagnetic field also EM field is a classical i. The electromagnetic field propagates at the speed of light in fact, this field can be identified as light and interacts with charges and currents.

Einstein is said to have been fascinated by a compass as a child, perhaps musing on how the needle felt a force without direct physical contact. His ability to think deeply and clearly about action at a distance, particularly for gravitational, electric, and magnetic forces, later enabled him to create his revolutionary theory of relativity. Since magnetic forces act at a distance, we define a magnetic field to represent magnetic forces. The pictorial representation of magnetic field lines is very useful in visualizing the strength and direction of the magnetic field.

Classification of Electric and Magnetic Fields

Electric vs Magnetic fields The area that surrounds an electrically charged particle has a property, that is referred to as an electric field. This exerts a force on other charge,s or electrically charged objects. It was Faraday who introduced this concept. An electric field is expressed in Newtons per Coulomb when in SI units. It is also equivalent to volts per meter. An electric field is considered as a vector quantity. The strength of such field is related to electrical pressure called voltage, and the force is carried through space from one charge to another charge.

Difference between Electric & Magnetic Field

The relationship between electric potential and field is similar to that between gravitational potential and field in that the potential is a property of the field describing the action of the field upon an object see. Electric field and potential in one dimension : The presence of an electric field around the static point charge large red dot creates a potential difference, causing the test charge small red dot to experience a force and move. The electric field is like any other vector field—it exerts a force based on a stimulus, and has units of force times inverse stimulus. In the case of an electric field the stimulus is charge, and thus the units are NC In other words, the electric field is a measure of force per unit charge. The electric potential at a point is the quotient of the potential energy of any charged particle at that location divided by the charge of that particle. Its units are JC

This paper introduces the reader to electric and magnetic fields, particularly those fields produced by electric power systems and other sources using frequencies in the power-frequency range. Electric fields are produced by electric charges; a magnetic field also is produced if these charges are in motion. Electric fields exert forces on other charges; if in motion, these charges will experience magnetic forces. Power-frequency electric and magnetic fields induce electric currents in conducting bodies such as living organisms. The current density vector is used to describe the distribution of current within a body. The surface of the human body is an excellent shield for power-frequency electric fields, but power-frequency magnetic fields penetrate without significant attenuation; the electric fields induced inside the body by either exposure are comparable in magnitude.

What, apart from their origin, is the difference between a magnetic field and an electric one? Electric and magnetic fields are both components of an electromagnetic field. These two components occupy different planes relative to the cause of the electromagnetic field, for example a moving electrical charge. This, and whether the charge generating the field is stationary or in motion, are the only differences. There is a relationship between electric and magnetic fields, in that a change in one produces a change in the other. An electromagnetic wave consists of both type of field, which are oscillating back and forth.

Magnetic field is an exerted area around the magnetic force. It is obtained by moving electric charges. While the electric fields are generated around the particles.

What's the difference between an electric and a magnetic field?

The area around a magnet within which magnetic force is exerted, is called a magnetic field. It is produced by moving electric charges. The direction of the magnetic field is also indicated by these lines. The closer the lines, the stronger the magnetic field and vice versa. When iron particles are placed over a magnet, the flux lines can be clearly seen.

The term static refers to a situation where the fields do not vary with time. Static electric and magnetic fields are two distinct phenomena, both characterized by steady direction, flow rate and strength thus a frequency of 0 Hz. In contrast, time-varying electromagnetic fields , which reverse their direction at a regular frequency , are produced by appliances using alternating current AC as well as by cellular telephone antennas, microwaves, etc. In this case, the electric and magnetic fields are interrelated and are both associated with a specific frequency. Both electric and magnetic fields weaken with distance from the source.

Introduction to power-frequency electric and magnetic fields.

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Electromagnetic field

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The one of the major difference between the magnetic and electric field is that the electric field induces around the static charge particle which is either negative or positive, whereas the magnetic field produces around the poles i.


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