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Types Of Microphones And Their Uses Pdf

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Microphones are used in many applications such as telephones , hearing aids , public address systems for concert halls and public events, motion picture production, live and recorded audio engineering , sound recording , two-way radios , megaphones , radio and television broadcasting.

T here are six common microphone designs:. These six categories include different transducer types , or approaches to converting sound waves into electrical energy.

The Different Types Of Microphones Explained

Producer Derek Chafin looks at the four basic types of microphone, their patterns and the best place to use them. Microphones are tools. Some do some things, some do others, some do some things well and others the same but not as well. There are 4 main types of microphones: cardioid, super cardioid, omni and figure 8. These names describe where and how much the mic will pick up. Cardioid : Imagine a Japanese fan coming from the tip of the mic.

Microphone Characteristics. A microphone is a transducer that converts acoustic energy into electric energy. Dynamic Microphones. Also called moving-coil mic. This classification includes ribbon mics velocity mics. Simple construction, economical. Rugged, resistant to hand noise.

The Types Of Microphones And When To Use Them

Using a movable induction coil suspended in the field of a magnet, dynamic mics work like a speaker in reverse! Dynamic mics are responsive to transients and handle high SPL very well. This makes them a natural choice for loud sources like drum kit close mics and guitar and bass cabs. Given how affordable and versatile they are, there should definitely be a dynamic mic or two in your collection. The versatile SM57 is one of the most accessible tools in recording. While all of these mics are great options, none have the grand slam price-to-performance ratio of the SM Large diaphragm condenser microphones are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of studio recording mics.

There are two main types of microphones. 1). Condenser Condenser microphones are use in orchestral or choral sound reinforcement. e). Condenser​.

Microphone Types

These guides explain what you need to consider when buying microphones and also show you which mics have the highest Gearank scores:. This article will help you understand what the main kinds of microphones are that are used in music production, both live and recording, and what each type of mic is typically used for. Polar patterns describe how microphones pick up sound, showing specifically where mics 'listen' spatially and which positions are blocked. Having a good grasp of these polar patterns will help you select the right mics that capture the sound that you need while minimizing unwanted noise. Cardioid mics capture everything in front and block everything else.


When it comes to recording guitars, drums vocals and other acoustic instruments at home or in the studio, you'll want the best sound possible and at all times. There are 2 main microphone types that you will be using in a studio or recording environment, namely the Dynamic Microphone and the Condenser Microphone.

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The Different Types Of Mics And Their Uses

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Although there are many kinds of microphones for many uses, we intend to concentrate on those models most suited for high-quality recording, broadcasting​.


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