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Political Ethics and Public Office

Are public officials morally justified in threatening violence, engaging in deception, or forcing citizens to act for their own good? Can individual officials be held morally accountable for the wrongs that governments commit? Dennis Thompson addresses these questions by developing a conception of political ethics that respects the demands of both morality and politics. He criticizes conventional conceptions for failing to appreciate the difference democracy makes, and for ascribing responsibility only to isolated leaders or to impersonal organizations.

His book seeks to recapture the sense that men and women, acting for us and together with us in a democratic process, make the moral choices that govern our public life. Thompson surveys ethical conflicts of public officials over a range of political issues, including nuclear deterrence, foreign intervention, undercover investigation, bureaucratic negligence, campaign finance, the privacy of officials, health care, welfare paternalism, drug and safety regulation, and social experimentation.

He views these conflicts from the perspectives of many different kinds of public officials—elected and appointed executives at several levels of government, administrators, judges, legislators, governmental advisers, and even doctors, lawyers, social workers, and journalists whose professional roles often thrust them into public life.

In clarifying the ethical problems faced by officials, Thompson combines theoretical analysis with practical prescription, and begins to define a field of inquiry for which many have said there is a need but to which few have yet contributed. Philosophers, political scientists, policy analysts, sociologists, lawyers, and other professionals interested in ethics in government will gain insight from this book. Buy Elsewhere Bookshop. Healthy Buildings coauthor Joseph Allen spoke with Bloomberg Opinion about the costs of remote work—and the playbook that can help businesses reopen safely.

The Education Trap author Cristina Viviana Groeger made the case in Dissent that educational systems can just as easily reproduce inequality as mitigate it. Black lives matter. Black voices matter. Subscribe to E-News.

Basic Obligation of Public Service

These are employees who report through to the Chief of Staff to the Premier or provide support to a minister, and who are not assigned job duties primarily of an administrative, technical or communications nature. Most appointees who work in the Office of the Premier or who support ministers' offices are political staff. Appointees to Government Communications and Public Engagement are not political staff. Because of their unique partisan role, political staff take the Oath for Political Staff. If you're a political staff member, you must follow the Standards of Conduct for Political Staff.

Public management and administration are justified by moral purpose: they provide the political and institutional conditions that permit human beings to survive, flourish, and exercise virtue and excellence. This article discusses the ethical values and character that modern public managers and administrators should possess to perform their duties in liberal democracies. The article analyzes the strains within liberal democracy that pose unique and persistent tensions between the values of liberal democracy and public management. It focuses upon framing discretion as the moral focal point of public management and looks at the range of values central to morally defensible public management. Finally it discusses the role of ethics policies to imbed values at the core of the public management enterprise and address corruption. Keywords: public management , ethics , public administration , bureaucracy , public managers , liberal democracies.

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Can individual officials be held morally accountable for the wrongs that governments commit? Dennis Thompson addresses these questions by developing a.


Thomas Jefferson enunciated the basic principle of public service. To ensure public confidence in the integrity of the Federal Government, Executive Order as amended forms the framework for the ethical behavior required and expected of all Federal employees. As a condition of public service, you are expected to adhere to these fundamental principles of ethical behavior:. A collection of statutes, executive orders, and regulations underscore the notion that public service is a public trust.

Queensland public service agencies and their employees are required to make ethical decisions, be accountable for their actions, and demonstrate integrity.

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Ethics in the public service

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Constantino P.

ThompsonDennis F., Political Ethics and Public Office, Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, Request Full-text Paper PDF.


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Political ethics also known as political morality or public ethics is the practice of making moral judgements about political action and political agents.


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