medical device quality assurance and regulatory compliance pdf

Medical Device Quality Assurance And Regulatory Compliance Pdf

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Quality assurance QA is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers; which ISO defines as "part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled". The terms "quality assurance" and "quality control" are often used interchangeably to refer to ways of ensuring the quality of a service or product.

Increasingly, organizations in the industry are expected to demonstrate their quality management processes and ensure best practice in everything they do. A medical device is a product, such as an instrument, machine, implant or in vitro reagent, that is intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases or other medical conditions.

Medical device regulations across the world are diverse. Each phase in the life span of medical device from development to marketing is regulated. Medical device training will focus on these international regulations related to approval and marketing and will help you to develop and implement effective, consistent and reliable quality management systems. Compliance training will also cover topics such as handling medical device recalls, computer system validation, advertising and promotion, process validation, creating compliant SOPs, medical device risk management and more.

Medical Devices Directive – 93/42/EEC

This article discusses governance and implementation infrastructure as critical factors in cultivating a culture of quality and building the necessary trust employees may need to help achieve it. To demonstrate how an increased focus on true quality can benefit all stakeholders, including industry, patients, payers, providers and others, in , the FDA invited medical device manufacturers to participate in a voluntary pilot program. As part of the program, participants agreed to an appraisal of their organizational practices and committed themselves to further innovate their quality practices. In return, the participants experienced streamlined engagements with FDA and reduced surveillance and inspections Figure 1. In September , FDA released a report detailing the successes of the pilot program with the recommendation that the pilot be converted into a fully operational program for the US medical device industry. Across the board, pilot program participants reported an increase in the governance and implementation integration practice areas.

Quality in the Medical Devices Industry

Following the transition period which is set to end on 1 January , changes will need to take place such that licencing can be independently regulated by the MHRA. Following the Brexit Trade Deal announced on 24th December and the subsequent updates from the MHRA on 31st December, some of the information in this whitepaper has now been superceded. More updates will follow shortly. Last updated: December 24th, Version: 1. File: pdf , filesize: KB. Last updated: December 11th, Version: 1.

It is also the most user-friendly from both the end user and administrative perspective. AssurX is 5—10 years ahead of their competitors. Managing industry best practices to drive product innovation and patient safety. AssurX medical device manufacturing quality management software QMS is designed to balance the complexity of global quality management and regulatory requirements while maintaining a high level of flexibility to adapt to continual industry and operational changes. Also, AssurX is designed to comply with the U. AssurX platform and preconfigured solutions provide U. A state of control and proof of compliance is maintained continuously in one central, securely accessible system.

Regulation: the medical device directives; medical device directive requirements/​compliance; the quality system regulations (QSR); QSR requirements/compliance​.

Quality assurance

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Imagine that your medical device malfunctioned during patient use.

Quality Control Checklist For Manufacturing Pdf

In order to obtain medical device approval in the EU, medical devices must be correctly classified. The MDD divides products into different classes, based on risk and intended use, which determines the relevant conformity assessment procedure. The Medical Devices Directive outlines the minimum requirements for ensuring the safety and performance characteristics for Medical Devices in the European market. It is founded on the following basic principles:. Manufacturers of Medical Devices should demonstrate conformity to all requirements listed within the Directive, Recommendations and Implementing Regulations, in addition to the requirements in subsequent guideline documents MEDDEVs. For many of the common techniques and product types there exist harmonized standards, listed in the reference links below.

The implementation of an effective quality management system has always been considered a principal method for a manufacturer to maintain and improve its product and service quality. Globally many regulatory authorities incorporate quality management system as one of the mandatory requirements for the regulatory control of high-risk medical devices. The present study aims to analyze the GMP enforcement experience in Taiwan between and It describes the regulatory implementation of medical device GMP requirement and initiatives taken to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in compliance with the regulatory requirement.

"Acquaints developers of medical devices with the basic concepts and major issues of medical quality assurance and regulatory documents.

Regulatory Leadership for a Culture of Quality in the Medical Device Industry

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Regulatory Leadership for a Culture of Quality in the Medical Device Industry

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Medical Device Regulatory Compliance Training, Compliance Best Practices and Standards


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Each industry will have different interpretations of the concept of Quality and how to prioritize its tenets within their own field of practice, expertise and work experience.


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