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Schengen Tourist Visa Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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A lot of our clients keep asking us how to prepare yourself for work visa interview questions in the embassy. We will give you tips how to increase your chance to get the visa. Very often people making mistakes by coming for work visa interview questions without any earlier preparation, they forgetting the basic information about company and they job position. Remember that we are giving you only sample questions and on your visa appointment they can ask you about additional matters. There is always a reason for every visa rejection.

Schengen Visa Interview Questions & Answers

An interview is a very important part of a Schengen visa application. Although in most cases, you may not have to attend an interview, in certain cases where you are asked to attend an interview, a large percentage of your chances of visa approval will hang on the interview. As a result, it is necessary to know the common Schengen visa interview questions and answers. A typical visa interview will last around minutes, and this time is crucial.

It is your window to impress the interviewing officer and convince him that you are worthy of being issued with a Schengen visa. Although most questions will revolve around your visit, some of the interview questions for Schengen visa may seem odd and even personal. However, answering these questions is extremely important as they will give the officer an idea of your honesty, openness, and other qualities.

This is to ensure that you return to your home country before the expected date and that you do not engage in any illegal activities during your stay. Let us take a look at some of the common Schengen visa interview questions and how you should answer them. Note that these are just the most asked questions.

There may be additional questions asked based on the status. Also, the below questions are just a pool; you may be asked with only a selected few from these. If you are married, you must be ready with the exact marriage date as well as your spouse and marriage details.

A delayed or insecure answer will make them think that you are lying. This can seriously affect your visa application. In case you require a longer stay period, you should tell the officer about why you need to stay for long.

This can include telling them about your sightseeing plans to visit various destinations which can only be done if you have enough time. However, assure them that you are willing to shorten your trip if the embassy requires you to do so.

You must show your bank statement without any absolute hesitation. In certain cases, you must also be able to explain any unusual transactions that have been made. If you do have a scholarship, you should state institution, the amount of the scholarship, as well as other basic details about it. To this, you should answer by telling them about your highest educational qualifications. DO NOT start talking about your school education unless the official particularly asks about them.

You should also be able to provide details of the study. The former is a simple yes or no question. You must answer accordingly. If you know the gender of the baby, you may mention that as well. If you say that you are planning to have a baby in the Schengen, it would mean that you will most probably be extending your stay, and this can hamper your chances of getting the visa.

As per the basic rules of a Schengen visa, you are not allowed to work. As a result, the officer expects you to say that you are not going there to search for a job or to work.

The regulation states that you cannot take part in any work on the payroll of a Schengen company. Schengen travel insurance is a mandatory document for the visa.

If you do not have it, you will not be eligible to apply for the visa. Answer this truthfully and in accordance with your travel itinerary. You must be able to tell your date and time of departure and arrival as well. Note that your visa duration will depend on your itinerary.

You must name any houses, flats, cars, or other properties you own. This is to ensure that you will return back to your home country after your stay. This is a yes or no question. If you have been to the area before, do mention the places you have visited as well as the time of your visit. If possible, provide further details as well. Be sure to provide exact and not vague answers.

This is one of the most common questions asked in Schengen visa interview. You must provide details of your purpose of the visit in detail. If you are travelling to multiple destinations, be sure to explain the places you are visiting, the dates, with whom, and other details. Although it is not a mandatory document for certain visa categories, you will still need to make arrangements.

You must list out ties that you have in your home country such as family, education, job, property, etc. You may even show documents pertaining to the same. To this, you must answer about the purpose of the visit, the place you will be visiting, the time required, as well as that you will be returning to your home country. If you have possessed a Schengen visa in the past, you should mention this too.

You can also state that you have met all the eligibility criteria and possess the documents required for the visa. This is specific to a family visit visa or if you are being sponsored by an individual in the Schengen. Ensure that you ask them and find out these details before you attend the interview. This is usually asked for a family visit visa or a sponsored visa. You must be able to mention the type of visa or permit they are on.

Be sure to ask them about it before attending the interview. This is also one of the very common Schengen visa interview questions. You are strictly prohibited from seeking employment or working while you are on a Schengen visa.

As a result, you must accompany the response by explaining why you do not need to find a job in the area, as well as stating that you understand the rules of the Schengen visa. You must convince them that you have other commitments in the country. You will also have to mention these commitments. There should not be any hesitation in mentioning your place of stay in your country. This may include the complete address of your house. If they live with you, you can also list out the individual members living with you.

Be sure not to hesitate while answering or provide a delayed response. You must answer spontaneously. If you do possess family members or friends living in the country, you must also mention your relationship with them as well as mention a few basic details about them. Reply to this truthfully and without any hesitation whatsoever. If possible, you must also explain your stand against such activities. You should answer this accordingly, as well as provide show the official proof of these as well.

You must answer this by providing the exact details as well as providing them with supporting documents. This is to state you as a responsible citizen who pays taxes. If tax is not applicable to you studying, unemployed, etc , you may mention the same. You should answer this with exact details of your intended travel date and time.

Note that this date should be at least 15 working days from your visa interview date. You must also state your relationship with them. To this, your response must be my stating that you will and have to come back to your home country. You must try to strengthen your argument by stating your commitments in the home country such as property, family, job, studies, etc.

You may also have to show documents that prove the same. Note:- The above questions most likely will not be asked using the same words or pattern. As a result, you must be ready for any variations as well. Additionally, be sure to answer any personal questions honestly and spontaneously as well. Now, knowing the questions asked in Schengen visa interview and the answers to them alone are not sufficient.

What matters more is how you answer them as well as the way you present. Let us first take a look at certain points you must focus on while attending a visa interview. Schengen Visa. Interview Questions for Schengen Visa.

Are you married? If Yes, What does your spouse do? For how long have you been married? Can you show your bank statement? Do you enjoy any scholarship? What is your educational qualification? Do you plan on studying in any of the Schengen countries? Are you expecting? Are you planning to have the baby in the Schengen country? Are you going to meet them for a job?

Do you have a covered health insurance for this journey? How long are you going to stay?

Germany Schengen Visa for the citizens of Indonesia

Unless you are using a service, like our premium Schengen visa processing service and you have been informed that your attendance is not required , you will need to attend in-person to submit your Schengen visa application. The hardest part of the Schengen Visa application is attending the visa interview. It is a face to face interaction with the Diplomatic Officials who will scrutinise not only your documents but also check the consistency of your answers where they will base their decisions on whether you will be granted a visa or not. These are personal probing questions so you should be able to provide detailed answers. To confidently answer the visa interviewer, you should plan ahead and be prepared with the possible Schengen visa interview questions and answers. Here are the compiled routine questions and some tips on how to answer these questions. Be aware that not all questions below will be raised during the interview.

Available visas and residence permits for Croatia in 2021

Welcome to Croatia! Croatia has a number of options that allow non-citizens to visit and live in the country, including tourist visas and residence permits for those that wish to stay longer. The available visas and residence permits vary depending on your nationality, heritage and purpose of your stay. If you want to know the difference between a visa and a residence permit, check out this post. If you are only traveling to Croatia for a short period, you only need a tourist visa.

Be aware that t he Visa Department does not manage phone calls. For those in the United States, it would be the F. Madrid:

Schengen Visa Interview Questions and Answers and How to Prepare for it

Schengen visas allow people to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days every six-month period. As a German Embassy we are responsible for processing your application if Germany is your main destination. Requirements Schengen Data protection Schengen Insurances. Important information: Please do not send the Visa Section any documents unless requested to do so, particularly not before you have applied for a visa. We are not able to store such documents and will not know to which application they belong. Please always bring all the necessary documents with you to your appointment.

Getting prepared for Schengen Visa interview? Do not panic, we will guide you how and what to answer in your interview. If you are preparing for Schengen Visa interview then go through Wisdomjobs Schengen Visa interview questions and answers page. This visa is particularly to Schengen area. With this visa, one can go to 26 countries. It is the Europe Visa. If you are attending an interview for this, please be prepared on the famous locations to visit for tourist visa.

Trip · What is the purpose of your trip? · Why do you want to visit this country? · For how long will be traveling to Europe? · What Schengen countries are you planning.

Due to the nationwide lockdown the Visa Section of the German missions in India as well as the offices of our service provider VFS Global remain closed. As soon as we can reopen you will be informed through the website of the German Missions in India. Unfortunately, this is impossible. Covid19 pandemic has created constraints for many Indian visa applicants and while we can understand that there is a great urgency for many to get a visa as soon as possible we can only refer to our online appointment system since our capacities are limited.

Subscribe to our daily news digest. Common interview questions available in this article are NOT solely intended for the Schengen visa interview, hence they are usable for any type of visa interview of any world country. The embassy or consulate of the Schengen country, in this occasion seeks that by asking specific and detailed-oriented questions to perceive if the candidate is actually worth given a Schengen visa.

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An interview is a very important part of a Schengen visa application. Although in most cases, you may not have to attend an interview, in certain cases where you are asked to attend an interview, a large percentage of your chances of visa approval will hang on the interview.


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The General questions you should be expecting during an interview for a Schengen Visa are the following: · Are You Married? · Are You Traveling.


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