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Rms And Average Value Of Different Waveforms Pdf

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Table of Contents. AC and DC Currents.

How to Derive the RMS Value of Pulse and Square Waveforms

Table of Contents. AC and DC Currents. It is known that the polarity of DC voltage and direction of DC current are always same i. In other words, alternating current AC is a type of current which flows first in one direction and secondly, it flows in the opposite direction. In each cycle, it changes the value from zero to the maximum and again hit the zero value. The value of alternating current or voltage can be express in AC Sinusoidal Sine wave as shown in fig 1 below.

In AC, its not possible to represent the magnitudes as its amplitude of AC sine wave continuously changes with time. This way, we have multiple options to expressed the magnitude and different values related to an AC sine wave such as:.

We will discuses all of them in details as follow. S Value. In short,. For a sinusoidal wave,. Actually, the RMS value of a sine wave is the measurement of heating effect of sine wave. For example, When a resistor is connected to across an AC voltage source, it produce specific amount of heat Fig 2 — a.

When the same resistor is connected across the DC voltage source as shown in fig 2 — b. By adjusting the value of DC voltage to get the same amount of heat generated before in AC voltage source in fig a.

This voltage level shows the effective value of V or V R. S and it shows that the home wall socket is capable to provide the same amount of average positive power as V or V DC Voltage. Keep in mind that the ampere meters and volt meters connected in AC circuits always showing the RMS values of current and voltage.

To find the RMS value of a sine wave, We may use the following two methods. Lets see how to find the R. S values of a sine wave. While the mean of square of instantaneous values of current in in half or complete cycle is:. The Square root of this value is:. Therefore, We may find that for a symmetrical sinusoidal current:. Mean value of i 2. This method is known as mid ordinate or graphical method to find the value of RMS voltages by using mid-ordinates or finding the instantaneous value of AC waveform.

For clear understanding, a solved example is given below the explanation. There are many instantaneous voltages in an AC sine wave and its depends on the time interval. As shown in the fig 3 below where the number of mid ordinates are 12, The more the mid ordinates, the more accurate will be the result.

V n respectively. Now the squired values of voltages are divided by the number of mid-ordinates which shows the mean value of the RMS voltage. For Example,. Assume the peak value voltage Max Voltage i. The waveform is divided in 12 mid-ordinates as shown below:.

Here all in one picture. In the below table, the RMS Voltage Value formulas are shown for different kind of sinusoidal wave forms. If we convert the alternating current AC sine wave into direct current DC sine wave through rectifiers, then the converted value to the DC is known as the average value of that alternating current sine wave.

In short, The average value of a sine wave taken over a complete cycle is always zero, because the positive values above the zero crossing offset or neutralize the negative values below the zero crossing.

Suppose the average values of instantaneous currents in each time interval is I 2 , 1 2 , I 3 … I n. To find the average value for each time interval, both the left and right vertical lines are added and divided by two. The same apply to all time intervals to find the average value for each instance.

Now, all the average values are added and divided by the number mid-ordinates i. Assume the peak value of current Max Current i. This way, The Average Value of current is 6A by using the graphical or mid-ordinate method to find the average value of current. We know that the standard equation of alternating current is. Thus, the average value of a sinusoidal wave over a complete cycle is zero. Average Value of Current Half Cycle. Similarly, the average value of voltage over a half cycle.

Its mean the value of average voltage or current is equal to multiplication of max or peak value of voltage and current respectively with the constant 0. For example, if the max value or peak value of the sinusoidal wave is V PK or V Max , by using the above equation, the average value of the voltage would be:. The value attained by an alternating quantity at any instant is known as instantaneous value. In fig 7 below, different instantaneous values of voltages or currents are shown at specific point and time period.

The curves are showing the values of different instantaneous voltages while the same curve can be drawn for current as well. In the fig 7, the value of instantaneous voltages are 2.

While it is Equations of Peak Voltage Value are:. In other words, It is the value of voltage or current at the positive or the negative maximum peaks with respect to zero. In simple words, it is the instantaneous value with maximum intensity.

The sum of positive and negative peak values is known as peak to peak value. Equations and formulas for Peak to Peak Voltage are as follow:. In other words, the peak to peak value of a sine wave, is the voltage or current from positive peak to the negative peak and its value is double as compared to peak value or maximum value as shown in fig 8 above. It is the ratio between maximum value and RMS value of an alternating wave.

For a sinusoidal alternating voltage:. For a sinusoidal alternating current:. In the below table, the form factor formulas and values are shown for different kind of sinusoidal wave forms. The path traced by a quantity such as voltage or current plotted as a function of some variable such as time, degree, radians, temperature etc. Frequency is the number if cycles passed through per second.

Hz Herts. The number of completed cycles in 1 second is called frequency. It is the number of cycles of alternating quantity per second in hertz. Frequency is the number of cycles that a sine wave completed in one second or the number of cycles that occurs in one second. The maximum value, positive or negative, of an alternating quantity such as voltage or current is known as its amplitude.

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Full wave rectified sine wave. Formula for RMS Voltage. Formula for Avg Voltage. Sine Wave. Full rectified wave. Half rectified wave. Sine wave with DC offset. Half sine with duration T and frequency f.

Positive square wave with duration T and frequency f. Saw tooth wave with duration T and frequency f. Trapezoidal wave with frequency f, top segment T, and base segment B. Formula for Form Factor.

RMS Power vs. Average Power

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Cartwright Published Mathematics. The rms root-mean-square value of various waveforms is determined without the use of calculus, which should be of benefit to the Technology student. These waveforms include the half-wave rectified sinusoid, the quarter-wave rectified sinusoid, a waveform consisting of a dc voltage added to a sinusoid, the sum of two sinusoids, which may be periodic or aperiodic, a triangular waveform, and a pulse train. Save to Library.

The pulse waveform is shown in Figure 1. As shown in other articles in this website MasteringElectronicsDesign. Figure 1. After replacing u1 t in equation 1 we can find the RMS value squared as in the following expression. In this case we should expect that the negative section of the signal to also contribute to the energy delivered to the load. As you can see, the bipolar pulse RMS value does not depend on its duty-cycle, and it is equal with its amplitude. Its RMS value is given in


In mathematics and its applications, the root mean square RMS or rms is defined as the square root of the mean square the arithmetic mean of the squares of a set of numbers. RMS can also be defined for a continuously varying function in terms of an integral of the squares of the instantaneous values during a cycle. For alternating electric current , RMS is equal to the value of the constant direct current that would produce the same power dissipation in a resistive load. In estimation theory , the root-mean-square deviation of an estimator is a measure of the imperfection of the fit of the estimator to the data.

RMS Value, Average Value, Peak Value, Peak Factor And Form Factor in AC

So far we know that AC voltage alternates in polarity and AC current alternates in direction. However, we encounter a measurement problem if we try to express how large or small an AC quantity is.

Measurements of AC Magnitude

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These AC circuits series has taken us on a journey which has seen us discuss what AC really is all about, how its generated , some histories, concepts behind AC, its waveform, characteristics and some properties.


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