Festival of Archaeology at The OPO

Archaeology jpeg

As part of the Festival of British Archaeology, 16-31 July, unearth how this ancient abode would have looked over 600 years ago and how life within it has changed over time.

Let your little treasures become archaeologists for the day with hands-on activities.

The exhibit will feature original pen, ink and watercolour reconstruction drawings of how the house would have looked back when it was built in 1380. These were created by much-celebrated local artist Sue Read.

A children’s archaeology and history trail will be available free of charge as well as crafty capers in the hall, where kids can create their own coat of arms, much like the one originally above the fireplace.


Have a go at being an archaeologist

A mock-trench will also be available to dig in  (weather permitting) featuring real artefacts from the medieval and post-medieval periods so that avid archaeologists can get hands-on with history.

For those interested in the famously wavy roof, a section of the exhibition will be dedicated to exploring the 1992 roof restoration, which took two builders six months to complete at a cost of £70,000!

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