Have you done any skygazing recently?

When was the last time you just lay back and watched the clouds scudding over head or sat outside, closed your eyes and just listened to the wind and the buzz of tiny insects?

Of course, you can do this anywhere. But if you’ve not already discovered it, we’ve created a dedicated outdoor space at one of our properties in North Cornwall that you can do just that. If you visit Carnewas at Bedruthan, you can make the most of our Sky Glade. This is a small glade set amongst the heather and gorse, decked out with purpose built outdoor furniture designed to help you  make the most of the amazing view, not out to sea (which is also very good) but up at the sky!

And now we’ve added a Sky Watchers Record book, so when you’ve decided whether that cloud looks like a duck on a bicycle or a pirate ship made of cotton wool, you can record it for other people to see.

Go on, this bank holiday why not get outside and challenge yourself not to rush about, but  just to sit and watch the clouds?


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