We couldn’t cope without the help of volunteers

Both ranger teams in North Cornwall are helped in their work by volunteers. We just couldn’t manage without volunteers, their help is greatly appreciated.

There are many types of volunteer roles in North Cornwall, from helping in the Visitor Centre in Boscastle and at the Old Post Office in Tintagel to getting out in the great outdoors with the rangers – whatever the weather! Some volunteers help us with the ranger work by litter picking, carrying out wildflower surveys, checking public rescue equipment and encouraging good dog walking by leading by example when out walking their dogs (volunteer dog rangers), and then there’s the volunteer rangers. Volunteer rangers may help us a few times a year as and when their busy schedule allows, some help once a week or once a month, and then there’s the ‘full time volunteer rangers’ known as FTVs for short. In exchange for working with the rangers four days a week, we provide accommodation, uniform, boots, wellies and gloves, loads of in-house training as well as sending them on official courses where they get a certificate – such as brushcutter and first aid, and there are lots of other training opportunities for them too such as plant and animal identification workshops.  Currently we have five FTVs in North Cornwall, here’s a bit of info about two, Emily and Phil, in the Tintagel to Holywell area:


Emily – small saw, big tree

I’m Emily and I joined the Tintagel to Holywell ranger team as a full time volunteer (FTV) ranger in early December. Having been lucky enough to grow up in Cornwall I have spent most of my time outdoors, hiking, surfing and stalking wildlife for that perfect photo! Cornwall’s unique environment is one that I feel a close connection with so I was thrilled to be able to become part of the ranger team and help to protect our coastline.

I finished a degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology last year, during which I spent a year in the USA which I absolutely loved. I have helped out on a few conservation projects in the past: the Marine Turtle Conservation Project in North Cyprus, the Badger Cattle Contact Project here in Cornwall and I spent last summer as St. Agnes Marine Conservation Group’s Beach Ranger running their public events.

I hope that during my time as a FTV I’ll be able to learn new skills in conservation and habitat management and the practical implementation of some techniques that I have until now only read about.

So far the work has proved to be both fun and diverse. I’ve been involved in activities from litter picking and scrub clearing to Cornish hedging and gate hanging. I’ve also been on 4×4 driving course and a brushcutter course. I’m looking forward to taking part in species surveys in the coming seasons but for now I’m really enjoying being out and about on the coast. I don’t think anyone else’s office has a better view!

Hi I’m Phil, newly appointed full time volunteer ranger in North Cornwall. I’ve been here a month now after moving down from Scarborough in the north east which is apparently the Newquay of the north. I’ve done lots of different jobs in the past, my most recent working as an assistant manager in the pub in the Lakes (I am now an expert in all things Swaledale sheep as this was the local’s top conversation topic). Conservation rangering is always something I’ve wanted to get into. I heard about National Trust full time volunteering from some You Tube job profile videos and thought they would be ideal to get some great experience in a role I’ve always fancied. I love spending my free time outdoors, be it hiking, mountain biking or camping and have always wanted to be involved with the management and conservation of our countryside. This role is ideal as we are out and about every day learning loads of new practical conservation skills and spending a lot of time around Cornwall’s beautiful coast. Every day is different and everyone I have been working with is passionate about conservation and has been really welcoming. 

If you would like to help us by becoming a volunteer, please get in touch! Email northcornwall@nationaltrust.org.uk or phone 01208 863046

Sarah Stevens, Ranger, Tintagel to Holywell

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