Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend

Take part in Big Garden Birdwatch and contribute to the world’s largest wildlife survey! Count birds for an hour in your garden or local park this weekend and tell the RSPB what you see.

Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch will bring you closer to nature. It takes just an hour and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Since the Birdwatch started 37 years ago, results show 80% fewer starlings and 58% fewer house sparrows in our gardens.

The more people watching, the better – so why not invite your family and friends?

What happens if you don’t see any birds?
Surveys are as much about what’s missing as what’s there. So if you don’t see anything at all, it is still really important that you send in your results.

For all the information please go to

Why is the Big Garden Birdwatch in winter?
It’s often the best time of year for watching garden birds, as cold weather brings birds into our gardens, looking for food and shelter.

Happy bird watching!

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