Caught on camera



Cornwall Mammal Group have very kindly lent the Tintagel to Holywell ranger team a trail camera and it’s been really useful to find out what the wildlife gets up to when we’re not around!

There is always great anticipation and excitement when we collect the memory card and download the photos and videos. I must admit I got very excited when I saw the video of a badger.

We’re learning what species we have and where, how active they are and at what times of day. For instance we were surprised to discover roe deer in the daytime (as well as at night) in an area we thought would have been too ‘busy’ for them in the daytime.

We’ve learnt who’s eating the fallen apples – foxes, and that some rabbits are very brave, grazing on grass in the same area that the foxes eat the apples – risky business!

Finding out what wildlife we have can help us make informed decisions about the management of our special places. If you spot some wildlife at one of our places, please let us know via email or phone us on 01208 863821

It is important that wildlife, both plant and animal, is recorded, even the more common such as limpets, rabbits, thrift and blackthorn so their numbers can be monitored and the areas where they are found can be mapped. You can add your sightings via ORKS (Online wildlife Recording Kernow and Scilly)  a wildlife recording website run by the Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (ERCCIS).  All records matter.



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