Bridge Over Troubled Water

A few weeks ago a worried phone call alerted us of a possible broken bridge in Cleave Valley near St Gennys. Rangers headed out to investigate and were shocked to find no bridge at all!


The mystery was solved several hundred yards downstream where the broken remains of the previous bridge were discovered scattered over the bank. Heavy rainfall and steep sided valleys caused a torrent to wash down the Cleave Valley, taking the bridge with it.


On the case, the ranger team designed a new bridge to be erected in place of the old one. Materials bought and cut, we loaded the land rover and set off on our intrepid adventure down the hillside.

Some exciting off-road driving got the wood, tools and people down the steep-sided valley intact, ready for construction.


Legs where put in first and then secured ready for the stringers and treads. 50 treads (okay, so maybe that’s exaggerating a bit) later and the odd bent nail, you could finally cross the river without getting soggy feet.

After a couple of enjoyable days’ working in the beautiful Cleave valley, we were really pleased to have a created a great bridge, which will hopefully be a bit more resilient to Cornwall’s winter storms. Look out for it when walking between St Genny’s and Crackington.

P1000338  P1000340

P1000344 P1000346    WP_20151013_14_55_03_ProWP_20151013_11_49_11_Pro

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