A Quercus robur stairway to heaven.

Over the last two winters the wooden staircase providing access to Lundy Bay beach (near Polzeath) has been given some rough treatment by the winter storms. Heavy seas had hefted boulders about knocking the staircase out of shape and putting in on its last legs (literally!).

The old softwood staircase, battered and wobbly.

The old softwood staircase, battered and wobbly.

With money donated to the National Trust, we were able to purchase and fit a new staircase out of heavier and sturdier oak (Quercus robur) that should stand the test of tide and time. The oak timber definitely felt a lot heavier than the original timber as we carried it down to the beach! The 10m long oak stringers that form the sides of the staircase were so heavy they had to be towed down to the beach by our tractor, with the other end skidding along on a fishing crate.

After 4 days of work by Johnny and Tim (from Steve Price Plastering and Building) as well as support from the ranger team, the staircase is officially ready for business, although with the recent rains sweeping through, the path above the staircase has become quite muddy so please take care.

If you’ve not been to Lundy Bay before, now’s the time to check it out. Pick a sunny day with a low tide and you can have the beach almost all to yourself, a real hidden gem, with rockpools, caves and golden sand.

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