The Co-operative Bank also rebuilds coastal footpaths…

Recently, we’ve been out working on the South West Coast Path, tackling a badly eroded and steep section overlooking Trebarwith Strand. But as is often the case, we couldn’t get the job done without the help from a team of willing volunteers.

The team from Co-operative Bank, with their backs to Trebarwith Strand.

The team from Co-operative Bank, with their backs to Trebarwith Strand.

Teaming up with Volunteering Matters (, they in turn, organised a team from the Co-operative bank to join us for a day. This was made up from Area Managers from across the country who would spend one day with us in ‘Boot Camp’ as one member of the team called it and another day catching up with each other about their day jobs.

With a request for some serious labouring out on the coast from team leader Simon, the 120 metre long section of path was the ideal place for the team to earn their volunteering stripes.

With the help of 12 extra pairs of hands, we easily regraded the path surface, rebuilt more effective drainage and easier to use steps, widened the path where necessary as well as re-turfing over areas of erosion. Without this help, it would have taken the ranger team a lot more time than one day.

Thanks again to the team from the ‘CoOp’ for helping us make the coast path more enjoyable to walk on. Whilst I apologize for not taking more photos of the finished footpath, its a good excuse for you to get out and have a look for yourselves!

North Cornwall Ranger

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