Volunteers rebuild Cornish Hedge

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Last Sunday our team of enthusiastic volunteers helped to rebuild a collapsed wall near Northcott beach.

The wall has been eroded over the years by sheep and people climbing on it.

The area was prepped by the ranger team, who brought in large amounts of stone. A digger was used to excavate the collapsed hedge, and earth was moved for the largest stones to be put in as foundations.

The team started working on the hedge, carefully placing each stone in the right position. Earth was then compacted behind the stones.

Good progress was made. What looked like a construction site is now a magnificent traditional Cornish Hedge.

The hedge has been a boundary for several centuries helping to keep livestock out.  It is a great habitat for wildlife – small mammals burrow in the crevices, and it is a refuge for flowering plants and invertebrates seeking shelter from the relentless Atlantic coast.

To join us on any of our conservation volunteer days please contact the Boscastle to Morwenstow Ranger team on 01288331372 or basil.stow@nationaltrust.org.uk

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