Going batty at Pentireglaze

Over the last few weeks we’ve been going batty at Pentireglaze with three bat night events.

The evening starts with everyone cooking their favourite BBQ food, then whilst chomping on their dinner they listen to a talk about British bats, including the common pipistrelle which is our most common bat and can be seen both in the countryside and in built-up areas, as well as learning about the greater horseshoe bat.

At sunset everyone makes their way up to the cliff top to see greater horseshoe bats emerge from their roost. One of our guests, Erik Raphael managed to capture a bat in flight, a few times, a great achievement as they fly so fast and with a phone camera! Well done Erik and thanks for sharing.

We had bat detectors with us so we could hear their echolocation and that of the common pipistrelle which like to feed in the area too. With over 100 greater horseshoe bats coming out of their roost to feed it is a wonderful sight. And they fly close to us, but don’t land in our hair! They’re far too clever and fast for that.

If you missed out this year there will be a chance to learn about bats and see our greater horseshoes again next summer, just check out our events tab in spring next year and then book early as its a very popular event.

Sarah Stevens, Ranger, Tintagel to Holywell

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