The Winding of the Clocks

In most National Trust places it takes some time and effort for a certain amount of housekeeping behind the scenes to keep things ticking over and spick and span, and The Old Post Office in Tintagel is a great example of this.

Apart from keeping the garden looking fantastic, and lots and lots of dusting, there are the clocks.

Three old clocks that need regular winding.

The three clocks are:
an ‘Act of parliament’ clock, c.1750,
a Longcase clock, Gloucestershire, c.1830
and an English dial clock, London. Made by J.T Bell in 1840

Rhodri, our own in-house film maker has taken the time to film and produce this short film to give you an glimpse of what’s involved.

So please take a minute or two to watch this short film, where you’ll get a first-person view of the work done by the house stewards of Tintagel Old Post Office NT on a daily and weekly basis

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