Final scrub-bash at Sandymouth…for this year at least!

20150215_115528 IMAG1166

After several stints of battling blackthorn and gorse down at Sandymouth we have finally finished our scrub removal here for the year, probably to the delight of many of our volunteers! We were very lucky to have such a good turn out each time which meant we were able to clear several patches, so thank-you very much for all your bow sawing and lopping!
Much of the hillside had been taken over by invasive species like bramble, gorse and blackthorn so their removal allows other less competitive species to colonise giving a richer species diversity. In order to maintain these clear patches and supress the scrub, the area is also periodically grazed by sheep and cattle.
Just in case you haven’t had quite enough of scrub bashing and bonfires we have one final scrub clearance of the year (we have to stop before the birds start nesting) down at Duckpool Tuesday 3 March. We look forward to seeing you there.

Boscastle to Morwenstow ranger team.

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