One December day at Tregardock

Working with Cornish hedges requires a certain frame of mind. Some people love it. Building it, repairing it, or just observing it with pride whilst leaning on a spade. Others hate it, the way one ill-fitting stone can endlessly frustrate you or just the sheer toil of throwing more soil up on top of the hedge towards the end of the day.

Time consuming as it is, between the hunting for suitable stone and the agonising over the right piece in the right place, it is still one of the finer ways to spend a day. Especially if it takes you to a quiet little patch of coast path, overlooking Tregardock beach on an unseasonably sunny day in December. Rangers and volunteers have now finished a section of hedging there, hopefully foiling any further escape attempts by the local flock of hebridean sheep!

Once again, thanks to all the volunteers who help us undertake our conservation work throughout the year. The Holywell – Tintagel ranger team would like to wish them and any visitors to North Cornwall a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015.

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