On the Homefront

The Homefront, WW1, 8-28 September. An exhibition at the Old Post Office in Tintagel…..


It’s been a busy few weeks of putting together the finishing touches for the exhibition on ‘The Homefront’, during the First World War. Come along and examine what life was like in Tintagel during the war years, 1914-1918, the stories of those who served the war effort from North Cornwall and how the village has changed since 100 years have passed.

With regards to the latter, what is evident is the growing number of visitors that a developing transport system has enabled – in many early photos people can be seen stood in the street with children often playing safely in what is now the road. In taking the ‘before and after’ photos, it became apparent that the original photographers were able to set-up on what is now a mini-roundabout, and as such these shots were particularly difficult to replicate!IMG_6764

What hasn’t changed, however, is the existence of some very old buildings, the Old Post Office amongst them, and even though time has now moved on in some areas, a nod to a previous use can be seen in places.

2 thoughts on “On the Homefront

    • northcornwall says:

      Hi Ben. No, we haven’t produced a pamphlet for this exhibition, but we hope you can make it to the Old Post Office to take a look?

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