Footpath transformation


With great relief and no small amount of sweating in the recent heat, the steps on the footpath heading from Lundy Bay towards the Bee Centre at Porteath have been completed! This footpath has always been quite steep and over the winter became quite slippery and tricky to use. So we have carved a new line into the hill, hopefully making it easier on the eye as well as knees and hips! We have spent three days preparing the new path, leveling out a new surface and then constructing steps on the steeper sections.

The National Trust rangers with the able bodied assistance of volunteers Roger and Karen rounded up our work last Wednesday, 6 August. We dug out the last few steps and even installed a few personalized and very unique steps on the way, to show our appreciation to our two stalwart volunteers. The new path should hopefully be an improvement that all visitors to Lundy Bay and Porteath can enjoy.

A big thank you again for all the help


North Cornwall Ranger

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