Bluebells, bluebells, get your springtime bluebells!

I love the bluebells I do!

I love the bluebells I do!

Its not only woodlands that host fantastic displays of bluebells (or Hyacinthoides non-scripta) in spring time. We’ve got bluebells in abundance on the north Cornish coast too!

For amazing views of bluebells carpeting our maritime grassland, one place to look right now would be Pentire Head near Polzeath. Check out the bluebells near Com Head (SW 942 803) and Downhedge Cove (SW 947 801).

But get this, not only do we have common bluebells but we’ve also got one of their relations, the delicate spring squill (Scila Verna) of the lilly family. Spring squill loves wild clifftops, beaten by wind and spray. Anywhere along the coast path from Pentireglaze Haven around to Pentire Head is a brilliant place to see squill but another especially good spot is the eastern hilltop on the Rumps (SW 935 813).

Don’t miss out, both flowers are at their best from April to May. A perfect excuse for a stroll along the coast path. Please be mindful that bluebells are delicate and can be easily trampled!

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